Mystery Of William M Cooley

I am a targeted individual of organized gang stalking also called stalking by proxy. This occurred to me after trying to fight for justice in my father's case. I am taking the blog down. I am tired of fighting and exposing an evil that I could never truly expose, as I am not the only victim of this kind of crime. Plus I have realized that there will be no justice of any sort. The more I seem to expose and speak out; the more I am targeted. Gang stalking is real - and is scary - and I hope that one day all victims will be able to put an end to this kind of torture, however I feel that I must move on and focus on my life and the life of my son.

Coroner Inquest on the Body of William M Cooley Sr.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My first interview on TV speaking about Organized Gang Stalking Stalking By Proxy Non Touch Torture and how and why we were targeted by this Cointelpro/Torture program

My first video interview on America Needs to Know it's a TV show based out of California.

 I wish I hadn't been so nervous. At the time of the interview my son still had not been targeted in such a terrible way. Elizabeth Adams is an amazing and strong lady! While I am not in this video; it shows how her television show has progressed - and this is an excellent show featuring a panel of other victims of this new program.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Targeting and Abuse of Children of Targeted Individuals

I’m not sure why; but as of late the stalking and harassment has subsided.

The past few months have been pure hell. A full on psychological warfare against both my son and I. My son almost died twice.

The night before the bioethics committee hearing, hewas attacked and jumped in a parking lot. His whole face was bashed in, and the Police detective said that all he had was a black eye. His face is permanently disfigured. The detective and her husband are quite the interesting couple ( military) — and well her lack of compassion and total disregard for the facts really raise some huge question marks. That will be another post.

The onslaught got even worse . The night before my son turned 17 ( which would make him a legal adult in the state of South Carolina) I called him. I heard a terrible and sinister and evil laugh on the other end of the phone. I asked my son who he was with, and apparently it was a man he had just met. Well, this man was an informant for the police department. My son spent the day of his 17 birthday in an adult jail for “paraphernalia charges”. Of course there was the sly and scummy foreshadowing done towards me on the same day — typical street theater ( before I found out ).

My son told me that the police officer looked “high," and “scary," and that his eyes were beady and that the officer was sweating profusely and only showed interest in him. He also told me he looked as if he were military . My son was terrified ( especially after seeing his mother terrorized in New York and being fully aware of being a target ) — and ran out of fear. The officer threatened to taser him.

The Police department held him in jail, charged him bail ( despite never having been arrested before), and the poor thing was traumatized yet again. My son said even the officers and staff and the jail had never heard of an arrest for “paraphernalia”.

My son started to hang around a kid whose actions were very scary. This kid's father is from Iran. He is allowed to do whatever he wants, and somehow it is only the kids surrounding him that get arrested. This kid has an uncle who graduated from Harvard and MIT and works with technology and developing patents that could be used in electromagnetic harassment.

My son seemed to be another person around this boy. I would call and he would sound drugged. The kid and his friend - a 20 year old man ( son of former higer up in the Navy who currently works for the Department of Justice) would yell at him and humiliate him over the phone. As a mother, I was terrified at hearing this.

The kid told my son that his father was “best friends” with the Chief of Police, and that he was part of the “system," and could do whatever he wanted. He threatened my son, and told him that he could not live with my grandparents home — as he could get the police to check it and perhaps have it taken away.

My son the left the house, and was under the control of these two kids. The kid’s father offered my son a job — an odd job with odd times…. Then while driving home one night the car which was driven the car was stopped by police. The 18 year old had open alcohol in his car and was driving. The 20 year old ( son of the man who works at the Department of Justice) was in the front door passenger seat. My son who was in the back seat was charged for open container. Despite not having any alcohol in his system. The incident got even more fishy. Apparently when the kids were going to be let go, an officer from the same town where my son has been targeted by the rouge individuals in the police department, called the officer in the city where the boys were stopped, and told them they had arrested a boy with a stolen credit cardt. So the police from the arrested all the boys in the car. They were arrested because the kid in  told the officers that all the boys had assisted him with the stolen credit card.
So at the same time the car was pulled over, another kid was stopped in the jurisdiction ( same police department where he was arrested the day of his birthday) where my son was from and claimed that the boys in the car had assisted him in stealing a credit card. My son had no idea of the stolen credit card yet was charged with a felony — based on some kid’s testimony.

My son was kept in jail 8 hours longer than the rest of the kids. The cops wanted to make sure that he was not an “illegal alien”. They knew dern well he was not an illegal alien…

Later on that week, the 18 kid ,who says "he is part of the system", and that his father is best friends with the chief of police, started to call me and ask me for money. He would threaten me and say that if I did not send money he was going to throw , “ this motherfucker ( my son) in a homeless shelter” . I heard my son in the background being yelled at, and not coherent. The kid later threw my son out of the car and the police were there waiting for him and my son was arrested once again for “public intoxication”. Once again he was thrown in jail.

I begged my family to try at all costs to keep this terrorizer of a kid ( who by the way gets off scott free with everything including burglary ect) away from my son. Much to our shock and dismay — as soon as my son was released from jail — both the 18 year old ( whose father is best friends with the chief of police) and the 20 year old (whose father works at the DOJ) that were trying to extort me for money in order not to have my son arrested — had jumped in the back window of my grandparents house and snatched my drugged son up again.

Perhaps these kids are victims themselves being used; but nonetheless their behavior with my son has been quite perp like.

Later on, my son was found in an abandoned car — almost dead. His body left in an empty car to die! The Fire Department found him, and transported him to the emergency room.

There is a part two to this-. As one can see we have been through hell. This all happened in less than a two month time period. Even more terrifying things went on but that will be my next post.

Thank god for family. My family hired one of the best lawyers around ( whose father was a hero of mine — given my political science studies) — and the charges have all been removed. I knew that this was targeting, I didn’t say so to the attorney, but I am sure after doing a discovery process things just didn’t quite add up. So THANK GOD my son is getting a second chance….

However he has to do something called a pre trial intervention? It’s sounds like a pretty good program..and I’m kind of happy he’s going to learn some responsibility — as a target it will give him even more knowledge and awareness of how terrible the system can be. He’s also learned not to trust just anyone. It’s one of those programs that lets a person with no previous history of arrests to have their record wiped clean.

They have to goto prison, and see what it is like ect ect. Kind of like those programs that scare some sense into the kids. However, my son is stuck in South Carolina and around a network of perpetrators, and will be until he finishes this program. So my family and I are waiting and praying that all goes well. He’s not just some regular teenager. He’s a severely battered and abused teenager, that is the son of a targeted individual.

Poor child :( my heart goes out to him. These kind of set ups are TEXTBOOK trauma based mind control. It happened to me in a sexual manner, and it’s happening to my son in a criminal design/set up. It happened to my sister as well. I know what they are doing.

However I love my son more than anything in the world and will fight to the end for his safety and protection. It’s a blessing to know and be awake about these kind of mind control programs. It’s a blessing to be able to make him aware as well. It’s also a curse; because after all a child just wants to be a child.

This has been the most terrifying times for me as a mother. Because deep down inside I know these events are not random. Even people around me have commented that they are using him to get to me.
Anyway, I don’t understand why the targeting, abuse, street theater, ect has come to a halt?

In a way it is kind of peaceful, and in away it is also eerie. Like I wonder what they are going to do to us next? I just wish they would leave us alone, but then even if they did - I would feel like a miserable and cowardly human being for not exposing this crime - because I know there are so many other victims suffering in silence.
Part of me just wants to move forward never look back, I’m afraid I might turn into a pillar of salt if I do keep looking back. Yet I feel that it is the right thing to do to continue to expose this.

Perhaps I should keep on ; but without naming names - and being more tactful.

In the past - and I had to name names. It was an immediate life or death situation. I could have been offed - and there would have been no reason to even look into it.

It also irked me to no extent how incredibly well designed this non touch torture program is designed. It’ to make the victim appear as “crazy” when he/she complains. I heard all these victims going through what I was going through , yet I was able to make some astounding connections.

One of the lawyers is quoted as being a “quasi insider at the CIA who knew more about the going on in the CIA than CIA members themselves? This lawyer defended Sid Gottlieb of MKULTRA in both the Frank Olsen trial - and the Glickman trial?
The head of the other law firm created a private company for ex CIA agents along with a lawyer who just so happened to be the first man called ( before the police were ) when Mary Jo Kopechence drowned.

And the head of this law firm had a brother who participated in the Nuremberg trial.

I am sorry but this program is designed to make the victims look crazy , destroy their families, alter their ways of life through trauma based mind control. How could I not speak out?These dots I connected make for a very convincing case.

There are however, some darker connection that I have made with people who targeted my son. I know that it would make headlines, and it would place us in even greater danger if I were to speak out too much about it. So I’m kind of in a state of limbo when it comes to that aspect. These people should be ashamed of themselves - seriously.

There are some very good people in all walks of life ( including the police force and military), so I just hope and pray. I even think that perhaps some of the people involved in these mind control/trauma torture might have even looked at our case and thought it’s gone to far

. See, I think that the different parties involved in targeting people are told the person is no good, a criminal, but false files and arrests are started on the targets when they are just children! Like when my son was made to confess as soon as he moved to South Carolina that he was a "small hispanic assassin". He had no previous record of any disciplinary action in his LIFE, and after one week in a South Carolina public school ( after I moved there so I could fight the estate battle of my father in Washington D.C.) he was labeled a small hispanic assassin. This was before I made the MKULTRA connections.

Also I am sure some people are disgusted by the fact that this happened to us in order to cover up murder and estate fraud.

As for the police department I am sure there are a very few in the police force who are aware of targeting and non consensual experimentation. I still believe that most of the police are good people who want to help. I mean I suppose I grew up with that image of police officers and firemen as being helpful and good people - and nothing - not even the few corrupt arses working for the “system” will take away my faith in others.

I met someone in intelligence and he told me that there are people within the police department who are on the payroll for these kind of programs ( hidden of course behind “national security”; the “Patriot Act”) and earn three or four times as much money as the head of the police department — and not even the head of the police department know about it…!

On a positive note I cannot thank the people who have taken interest in my son’s case. It’s so tragic and mind blowing. He has been attacked in every way imaginable. If it were not for some kind and wonderful people who have reached out to us - I don’t know what I would have done.

They were able to get the word out and speak for me and my son; when I was too traumatized to do so.

Of course after living through my own attacks against my life, well being and mental health, I have been reduced both financially and emotionally. It’s made it difficult to help him as much as I would like.

It’s 2012 - and wow — it been since 2007 that this has been going to us. I

If I’m still here it’s for a reason.

There are some evil souless people behind this program — but I hope and pray that the others who are not so evil will wake up and realize just how disgusting of a program this is.

It would be embarrassing as a country to admit this is still happening, but the victims need help. We do. I am considering putting up a paypal account to help my son. He needs counseling and I would like for his face to be repaired. I’ve always been too proud to seek charity; but this is for him — not for me…

I'm also waiting and wondering why the overt stalking and harassment has gone away. This is a first. I'm cautiously hopeful, but I'm also afraid of what the next attack will be.

That's a negative way to think, but after all we've been through I have to be prepared for emotionally, and not get my hopes up too much, There's no way that this will all just "go away" it would be nice that's for sure.

I wish my son and I could have a normal life and not have to deal with these cowardly evil individuals that get off on being so sadistic. I hope this year is a good one for us, and for all other targets.