Mystery Of William M Cooley

I am a targeted individual of organized gang stalking also called stalking by proxy. This occurred to me after trying to fight for justice in my father's case. I am taking the blog down. I am tired of fighting and exposing an evil that I could never truly expose, as I am not the only victim of this kind of crime. Plus I have realized that there will be no justice of any sort. The more I seem to expose and speak out; the more I am targeted. Gang stalking is real - and is scary - and I hope that one day all victims will be able to put an end to this kind of torture, however I feel that I must move on and focus on my life and the life of my son.

Coroner Inquest on the Body of William M Cooley Sr.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The more I read other people's experiences

The more I realize my case is just a drop of water in a huge cess pool of corruption.

There are stories that are so much important than mine.

It might take a year - or ten years - but I will continue to document, research, and expose.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dissapearing Acts - Oh Nicholas Ward Where art thou?

Nicholas Ward Knight of Malta - and President to the Royal Crown of Charlemagne vanishes from the last accounting. So does 30 thousand dollars!
It's almost magical.

Along with Ward's disappearance 30 thousand dollars that was in my father's Smith Barney Account market account for the past 11 years did as well!

Judge Burgess awarded all of that to Ward and Markham

19 years after our father's death my sister and I received zero.

Last accounting I had there was 32 thousand dollars in my dad's account. Now there is 30 and Ward received that.

Where is Nicholas Ward's name?

There must be some Crown of Charlemagne magic going on here.

My sister and I never received this accounting ( for the past 19 years) - which Judge Burgess kindly enters in his own hand witting " there are no objections". How can we object to money that has magically "disappeared"?

Also the 5 thousand dollars - that the shares were sold for ( James M*rket*s represents the Herbert Best who purchased them) the received was then sent to the IRS.

I want proof Ward and Burgess paid Gerald Role.

I also want to know why the actual share value of (15 thousand dollars or much more) was not sold and given to the IRS?

My sister and I were told just a few months back by Ward that the shares were worth 15 thousand dollars. Ward gave us a few days to agree to this price - despite not even having the shares. They were "lost" ( ahem in a voting trust).

Now - this is the cool part. My father's bankrupt estate is now is a LAWSUIT! I received this letter two days ago.

Keep in my I was told nobody wanted my father's shares - and if I were to have them "I would have to deal with the IRS'" I have tried for 3 years to remove my grandmother and her two lawyers as PR

I know what the value of the shares are. There is property that is going to be sold in 2010. See the whole block surrounding the little yellow cabs? Stretching all the way to the church. That whole area on the photo is owned by about 20 people - including my dad.
View Larger MapThe WHOLE BLOCK. Diamond share holders own that property.There are two parties in Diamond that have been feuding for quite some time. Diamond owns this whole block on Q street in D.C. The have been preparing to sell in 2010 ( my dad's shares were held in a voting trust ). My father's shares are pivotal.

My sister and I are told my father is the only shareholder who does not own the property because he sold his real estate interest. I have been told ( just recently) that my father "sold his interest in the property value". Well I've gone through all the records see nothing to support this and the date that I was told he sold was ohhhh about 7 months after his death! Dead men can't sell property.
Besides one group told me he did own the property - and the other told me he didn't.Now those two parties are going to have a lawsuit for my dad's worthless shares.


I can't do anything about this except publish, and expose this as much and as best as I can.I've tried lawyers, I've given everything of my time to discover as much as I again - only to be thawrted and stonewalled everywhere.

I finally got to uploading the evidence and proof of some of the crappy events that happened to me while this case has been going on this year. Including gas leaks, IRS agent visits, trips to the mental ward, and child service visits. All timed perfectly in unison will all court dates.

Before I could only type about them - now I've uploaded a lot of the proof. Click on the documents to read the events.
Carbon Monoxide leaks for days - all amended reports by "someone"

Click on image below for full account
of this harrowing ordeal -
occurred right before I was going to authorities
with my information.

Like a mysteriouts Co2 leak one day before I was going to go the FBI with my documentations
Align Center

Child Service Visits - after break ins right after the court
hearings - Click on image below for more info - thankfully after three months found unfoundeded

Breath Co2 for three days? Want to go to get checked just to make sure you're OK.
Not quite so fast.
Click on link below for full story

For the record I am not homicidal, suicidal. Nor will I ever be - nor have I ever been diagnosed as such.
I am also not upset at any of the parties involved. I feel pity for them. They are just aren't kind individuals.
I am just having a relaxing time uploading and exposing -and will continue to do so. PS I will be editing grammar on this page eventually-there is so much information - placing it in public view is my first priority at this point in time.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I've been working more on my web page. It's going pretty well. I am going to probably hiring an editor to help me with it. I used to be such a good writer - I don't know what happened to me. Perhaps it's because it's a subject that stirs up inner emotions and is so close to me.

Speaking of close. I'm feeling cheated. Not just out of my dad's estate - but I've come to the realization that almost ALL THE LAWYERS in my dad's estate have some connection with the C.I.A. - No JOKE!

Even the one I was told to call to speak with that represents the man that bought my father's shares this past month!

Talking about not a fair legal came - it's tough enough for the average probate victim to go up against regular lawyers - now imagine if they are all connected in some way or another with the CIA and powerful leaders.

Let's take a look at the CIA connections. Not saying they work for the CIA but they all have connections in one way or another.

First I'll start off with a newly discovered lawyer I have been speaking to who represents Diamond's president who purchased the shares from my grandmother's new lawyer. Very pleasant man might I add.

J**mes M**rket*s. Now Mr. M**rket*s's is working on a case with a lawyer in his firm . ...

T*****s W****n. Mr. W**** has handled a variety of procurement-related matters. He is presently litigating, with James M*****s, a massive legal malpractice action arising out of the termination of a N*vy contract for convenience. Mr. M*rket*s has litigated a number of government procurement disputes, including ADP bid protests before the General Services Board of Contract Appeals
The most interesting thing is that the lawyer in his firm he working on a case with at this moment defended Backwater in the Square Matter Baghdad, Iraq. Matters for a government contractor requiring deployments to Afghanistan and West Africa; AND RCRA investigation defense of a metals company in Yuma Arizona!

Not only that get this
he was the Chief of the 1950s/early 1960s CIA's drug testing program known as MKULTRA! And he still has top ultra clearance level.

Oh and he also went to Georgetown Law School at the same time my grandmother's new lawyer Nicholas D Ward did! 1966 - 1967.

Washington D.C. is such a small place. So Nicholas D Ward help assist close my father's estate and sold the shares to the President of Diamond - who is represented by J**mes Ma*rke*s - whose currently working on a case with T**ms W*lls*n who went to Georgetown Law School with Ward.

Anyways in my previous post - I connected the founder of my grandmother's lawyer's law firm with the C.I.A. Now not only that Ward well ...let just say this ...has an address connected with someone big in the C.I.A.

And what might I ask - what is the interest in my father's closing "bankrupt" estate. Lawyers of this kind of caliber don't deal with bankrupt estates? Do they?

Or is is just a D.C. thing ?

Aren't there like start up lawyers who usually deal with bankrupt estates?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Makes perfect sense now . .

I just found out yesterday that Judge Burgess only has three weeks left as probate judge. It never made sense to me why all of a sudden after 19 years there was such a rush to close out the estate. Now it does. I've started my web page - it's still in rough draft version. My page and blog are one of just thousands online. Every one who speaks out against probate theft and fraud is helping to make the public aware of how terrible and easy it is for lawyers and unscrupulous individual to steal.