Mystery Of William M Cooley

I am a targeted individual of organized gang stalking also called stalking by proxy. This occurred to me after trying to fight for justice in my father's case. I am taking the blog down. I am tired of fighting and exposing an evil that I could never truly expose, as I am not the only victim of this kind of crime. Plus I have realized that there will be no justice of any sort. The more I seem to expose and speak out; the more I am targeted. Gang stalking is real - and is scary - and I hope that one day all victims will be able to put an end to this kind of torture, however I feel that I must move on and focus on my life and the life of my son.

Coroner Inquest on the Body of William M Cooley Sr.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

During the discovery process - I might have been a victim of a new fangeled version of CointelPro hidden behind the Homeland Security Act. I have survived a possible attempt against my life - have been intimidated, received death threats, gang stalked, harassed, suffered home invasions, suffered from surveillance abuse, computer and camera sabatoge, possible drugging, possible rape and aggravated assault. All of this began after I discovered that my father's estate was still open in the D.C. probate court 17 years after his death.
I am thankful that I am still alive. Despite repeated attempts no law enforcement - or any branch will assist. For this reason - and for my safety I have to resort to this online blog to document and leave a record of the events & discoveries for safety purposes. I tried letting it all go in hopes the harassment would stop - but it only continued. So I will continue to post as long as I survive the harassment campaign - and I will survive.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Found pictures of my father

I found old photo books with pictures of dad! Also I spoke to a wonderful lady last night who was so sweet - and she knew my father when he was young. I don't want to go into to many details but she told me something that broke me heart in a good way. She said that my grandmother was in the dark, the lawyers who did this were also in the dark. She said my sister and I were in the light - and Mack ( our dad) is looking down from above an is not happy at all about what was happened- yet he wouldn't want to see me suffering.She told me something important as well. Yet I'm not ready to write about it yet. I'm glad I found these old photo books. I haven't even seen most of these pictures before. I've cried happy tears today. My dad was my best friend. He died so young. :(
There is a picture where he is holding my sister as a baby - such a beautiful picture - the gold watch - my sister - that is what she would have love to have recieved. His wedding ring... gone the buddy holly glasses ...gone... I would have loved to have had those.
The smile and the love really shows through in these pictures. He was such a kind hearted person, not a mean bone is his body. He really loved being a dad too. We were lucky kids.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If I close my eyes will it all go away?

Probably not. I've started my new blog on my speculation and musings about having become what is termed a "targeted individual". I'm more free to write about those trial and tribulations on a space that is not dedicated to my dad's case. Unless some terribly horrifying event happens to me - like another psychical attack - or inopportune gas leak - I won't be posting much here about the whole "targeted individual" thing.
That being said - I was really writting the last year's events in an email yesterday - and well the email was over 11 pages on a Microsoft word document. And I was trying my best to be brief! That help to organize everything in my mind - and it's just shocking all that I have been through. Ha and I'm still here!
Today I was wondering, what would happen if I were take everything down; the web page , the videos, the blogs, my posts in other forums, and never mention anything even again. Would I be able to wake up the next morning and make it all go away? Sadly from what I have read from other's victims plights the answer is a resounding no.

Everyone I know from my family, friends, even my doctor have told me to let it all go. They tell me not to look back and just get on with my life - and that all the bad events and covert harrasment will stop. That sounds reasonable, and I wish that would happen. How I wish I could just close my eyes and wake up and have this whole mess be gone. I wish sometimes more than anything to have turned back the hands of time and made sure I had never gotten involved in this case to begin with. I know I would have though. Given the fact that it was my father - who died when we were still just children -even knowing the hell I have been put through - I would probably do it all over again. These are matters of the heart. Matters of the soul and spirit.

Sometimes I wonder - given how powerful the lawyers and people who were involved in the potential cover up of the estate fraud - why did they even allow me to find out about it? Seventeen years of probate fraud and theft- why even allow my sister and I to find out? They could have covered it up if they had really wanted to right?

I wass sent on a wild goose chase - and I was up against lawyers with CIA connections and a lawyer who seems to be for all intents and purposes the "poster' boy for dozens of elite organizations and establishments. Including being the "president" to the Crown of Charlemagne. I read to day that 32 of our United States presidents originated from the Charlemagne lineage. Cool fact to learn! I didn't even know such organizations existed. I hope I didn't offend the whole establishement for talking bad about the person who represents them in the publics eye.

They are a very powerful and important lot of people. But I can't help it - this man was terrible to us! So I've spoken out about it. That does not mean that I am in anyway trying to put down the whole group :( I can trace my harassment and targeting directly to a particular lawyer when he came at the last minute to close my father's estate. That's when it really started. Even the things tailored at the ER.

I think the parties behind the gang stalking miscalculated me insomuch as underestimating my investigative skills. I don't think they knew I was going to be able to trace the harassing letters I received to back the the *liver family in Iowa. I don't think they thought I would be so quick and get the fire records and ambulance records , and find out that I was visited by a special team of special ops that responded to a three day long Co2 leak- and not my regular "firemen". The list of my discoveries could go on and on - yet I think given the fact that I do know - and potentially have a way to prove what I am writing - puts me more in danger than anything. Perhaps if I had played stupid .... I do wish it would all go away. I can keep hopeful right?

It is simply amazing the psychological rape I have been through. On top of that I had to grieve over and over again for the past three years whilst going on this little adventure of trying to seek justice. Three years- almost four now- where I dedicated myself 100 percent to this case and to the discovery process. I could have finshed my last year of college by now and have two years of postgrad studies! I isolated myself from friends and from even having a romatic relationship. My life was put on hold for the past three years.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars were stolen from my father's estate and from my sister and myself. My sister didn't even get braces on her teeth! Even if all that remained was 30 thousand dollars - and his shares - I would have been happy with that. I'm willing to bet that I spent more than 20 thousand on lawyers, airplane tickets, just trying to obtain the last part of my father's legacy. It wasn't about the money. It wasn't about the 30 thousand dollars. It was that it was my father's 30 thousand dollars. We never even received personal items of his after his death.

Anyways apart from the harassment, intimidation, and torture that I went through this past year. The parties stole the last part of my father from us.
It's almost as if we gave our inheritance in exchange to be harassed and put on some "hit list" of sorts. So in essence - my father's esate didnt by education for his daughters as he wished on his last letter he wrote to me- it bought them into a terrible heartbreaking situation where one would be harrased, attacked, and tortured.

Keeping an open mind - I've read that many targeted individuals suspect that they are in some kind of Mk Ultra related experiemnts after having been targeted.I've heard this question poised to other T.I.'s from people who are not really aware of what beign a targeted indivudual is - and they ask, "Well if you're so important, or if what is happening to you is real - why don't they just kill you?" Even my mom told me that if they really wanted to kill me - I would be dead by now. That's is the brilliant catch 20 in this situation.

Gangstalking is meant to coverty kill and destroy the individual. Push the individual to commit suicide or set them up for incarceration by lashing out. It is meant to mimic the events that someone with shizophrenia might complain about.

Once,again I'd ask anyone reading this to keep an open mind when I make the following points. MK Ultra and goverment and experiments and torture on unknowing citizens did exsit at one time. According to some all the way into the 80's. It is perfectly plausible that some kind of experiemntations still exist.

Did all these covert unethical operations- and scientists suddenly dissapear after the Church Committee hearings just stop? Just because president Clinton offered a formal apology to hundreds of MKUltra vicitms - is it really plausible to believe that the architects and mad scientists & the money and power of the miltary industrial complex just behind these Mk Ultra and Cointel operations - just decided "Hey um we better not do this anymore". I don't think so that is plausible.

Hundreds - if not thousands of people - are writting and posting web sites about thier experiences as a TI. The accounts are very errie in their similarites. I can't help but wonder if once someone is placed on the list so to speak - for whatever reason - crossed the wrong person with enough power and contacts ect ect. That the same infrastructure and organizations that tested on subjects in the hospitals aren't doing the same to targeted individuals?

That would be the beauty of it - is now they can get away with not experimenting on people in hospitals. They don't need to.They can do it to people in thier homes. If the person is a hier, that's an extra advantage to whichever s*ck b*strd turns them into the program. The vicitms will probably be so overwhelmed when the gangstalking begins -that they might commit suicide. If not they will probably talk about it and end up institutionalzed because gangstalking sounds unbelievalbe to most people.

I've done so much research on other targeted individuals - and I have found numerous accounts from other victims who experience terrifying gang stalking activited after thier parent died and they were left an inheritance. A few of the even blame the probate lawyers for targeting the gangstalking and harrasment on them!

Back to the Mkultra/ Covert torture and harrasment issue - the very CIA lawyer who represented Dr. Sindey Gotleib - appears on a letter concerning my father's shares and voting trust. His lawfirm has my father's company sharebook. Oddly enough he went to law school with the other lawyer who came in at the last minute to close my father's estate. Now that proves absolutley nothing - yet it leaves one to really wonder. We're not talking 6 degrees of seperation here - this is one degree of seperation in our case. That's scary!

Here's the description on Gotliebb:Sidney Gottlieb headed the secret Project MKULTRA which was activated on the order of CIA director Allen Dulles. Gottlieb was known for administration of LSD and other psycho-active drugs to unwitting subjects and for financing psychiatric research and development of "techniques that would crush the human psyche to the point that it would admit anything."

For the record I am not accusing this lawyer or lawfirm of anything - in fact I've had little to no contact with them - and the little contact that I did have they were somewhat amicable. Yet I'm sorry - it's still a little too close for comfort for me.

Not just because of all the trauma, coverups, and myself possibly having been drugged before my attack. But my sister who came home one night from work - after being heavily drugged by something - and never being the same again. There is no schizphrenia that runs in our family - so why her? Plus her MRI's show holes in the brain - which is indicative of drug damage - not schizophrenia.

There are some very sick and sadistic - and dare I say satanic individuals out there. What I am living through is a nightmare in itself. Other targeted individuals akin their experience as living in a silent holocaust.

I'm not going to come to the conclusion that yes indeed this is what is happening to myself and others - yet I can't help but wonder!

I still wish every morning that I could wake up and that the nightmare would just go away - as my family and friends say that it would - For now I will have to adjust to this new way of living and being - and take advantage of it to grow more both personally & spiritually.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things just do not add up

I woke up this morning with a thought that had not crossed my mind yet. Stupid of me. I was looking at how all the organized gang stalking might be connected to something like a mercenary groups such as B*ck*ater. From what happened to me - and accounts I have read online from others - the time, money, and sheer force it not just from some random punks.

Then it dawned on me - I wrote before that I know my grandmother and her second husband were friends with the Prince family in Holland Michigan.

My grandmother comes from the very well known Anderson family in Evanston Ill. Most of her Uncles were pastors in on way or another. Her second husband ( the one she marries one month after her first husband - the sole heir of the Allen & Garcia deeds and shares was "thrown from a car" - was a Air Force pilot.

Anyways - I find it oddly coincidental that off all the lawyers in Washington D.C. - why is it a law firm and lawyer that went to go defend Blackwater rigth after the Nissour Square incident in Iraq - have the voting trust/stock book and share book of my father - A BANKRUPT CABDRIVER.

Remember he's "bankrupt".

And the new "lawyer" that my grandmother hired at the last minute a Knight of Malta with Bush and CIA connections went into the D.C. Probate court and pretended not to know where the shares or voting trust was -when it was the Blackwater/ CIA connected lawyers that held the share book?


Things that really make you wonder.

I've also been reading from other organized gang stalking victims - and a lot of them became victims upon entering a court case, or trying to blow the whistle on corrupt lawyers and Judges.


There are so many similar stories....

I find our case ( my sister and myself) of probate fraud unreal. All the discoveries of tax fraud, fraud to the court, mail fraud, concealment, RICO act violations were completely ignored.

Instead I had visits from special ops "firemen", was harassed to no end with all the methods and tactics that other victim's express. I've been attacked in my own apartment. I am now without a home. I am receiving no help or protection from any kind - much less an investigation into the estate fraud case.

There is no doubt in my mind that the organized gang stalking was done in order to shut me up, and to impede me from being able to follow through on the case.

So here in the country - lawyers if powerful enough - can get away with whatever they want - including stealing from the dead - and from their family line.

Apart from that the unanswered questions surrounding my father and my grandfather's deaths. This is really a twisted case.

Here's another thing that makes me wonder. I posted about her before - but take a look at the track record of the coroner who was hired a week before my father passed away. There are so many similarities between my father's death and others here. All of his bank records, personal items, GONE.

My gut instinct tell me my father was possibly murdered as well. Why is there such a big cover up with everything?


Dr. Joye M. Carter - BioAccording to one source: "Dr. Carter has been in the news many times before. She was fined and almost lost her license in 2001 for allowing an unlicensed pathologist to perform autopsies. In 1998 her office was accused of tampering with evidence in the murder of a 12-year old girl.
http://www.texnews.com/1998/texas/smither0403.htmlThat same year she admitted that bodies were sometimes stacked on top of each other at her morgue. She's been sued (and lost) twice by whistleblowers who were fired for trying to expose corruption in the Harris County Medical Examiner's office." A lot of the information here was on this sitehttp://www.mail-archive.com/cypherpunks@minder.net/msg15434.html
Paul Wilcher
County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Joye Carter said she cited Gulf War Syndrome as a contributing cause of death-it was last among nine causes-because it had been diagnosed by Department of Veterans Affairs doctors."This is a syndrome with multiple aspects," said Carter, who served as an Air Force medical examiner during DesertStorm. "We're not sure what it is. Its symptoms run the gamut-strange chemical tastes, benign tumors, heartdisease, heart palpitations. ...

.Cliff Baxter "Cliff Baxter's Medical Examiner Has Questionable Past""The death of Cliff Baxter was declared a suicide by Dr. Joye M. Carter, Chief Medical Examiner for Harris County, Texas. But questions are being raised about Dr. Carter, whose career includes alleged .

Shelly Malone Shelly's dead body was airlifted by Medstar helicopter to D. C. from the field after a mercy call from the good men of ThePlains Fire and Rescue Squad. Shelly's autopsy pictures, especially two of her face suggest she was beaten. It demands explanation why the report of D. C. Coroner, Dr. Joye Carter, overlooked commenting on the fact that Shelly's lips were split intwo places and that there are multiple contusions and abrasions to her face and body."From what I read on line ( don't know if true) her boyfriend wanted her to be cremated - against her families wishes. The demaned a burial. Later they took another look at the body and found injection marks.... Joye M Carter was hired as D.C. coroner one week before my father's death.

I found oddities around my father's death and on his death certificate. He was found with his pants pulled down in a pool of blood -was cremated immediately and all bank records personal items were "stolen" by people living in a boarding house ( he was actually living with an ABC new producer at the time - she was appalled at reading that the lawyer and personal representative of the estate had claimed she and her husband had stolen his bank records. I was told that there were needles on the scene - and that my father had died of a drug overdose.

My father did not do hard drugs. On the death certificate it says he died of a heart attack - and that no drugs were found in his system.I emailed Ms. Carter ( before knowing about all of this ) and asked her if she could verify somethings about my father's death. Never heard back from her again. Two days later before going to the FBI with my information I was visited by "firemen" who were actually special ops ( verified) came to fix my gas stove ( the pilot light had been turned off). For three days these men came to my apartment telling me they had fixed it. The never did.I had a Co2 leak - and when I went to get tested for possible Co2 poisoning was greeted by an ambulance outside my door ( even though I had not called 911) and harassed and threatened and placed against my will in a psych ward - the ambulance lady stated to the psychiatrist that I had been playing with my gas pipe all weekend and was trying to commit suicide. Luckily the psych didn't buy the story from the "ems" lady in the Ambulance and let me go.but the similarities are uncanny to say the least... especially with the cremations and missing papers and files -

Also I am sick because now I have to live in hiding due to this organized gang stalking / covert torture bs.

Oh and my grandmother's question when I called her this Christmas

'You're not dead yet?"

So do I have to live the rest of my life in fear because other poeple MADE MISTAKES, STOLE, HID ASSETS, and POSSIBLY MURDERED TWO GENERATIONS OF MEN?

For the past four years I gave my all to my father's estate case. I remember walking around in a daze for months upon end - clutching the estate papers close to my heart - nobody would give me any answers - and the closer I got to the truth the more the harassment tactics went up.

So here I am in financial ruin, hiding, and shocked. My family is even being targeted now.

I didn't even achieve my goal of getting any personal item of my father's -apart from a few picture and a letter we have nothing.

All I have is 17 years of fraudulent court records with my father's name on it. They are with me. That's our only keepsake from our dad.

So now that I am a victim of this oragnized like stalking - as are many others- I have to deal with it - yet I will not be intimidated into silence. I will continue to fight for justice using all legal and peaceful means possible.

I don't care if I have to work at McDonalds and use my paycheck to help me with my legal battle. I have no car now - lost my home - all because of this mess my life quality is zilch.

I can't wait to blog about my job and funding the legal battle that got me no where.
Sick thing is these b*strds knew all along - and probably laughed about sending me on a legal wild goose chase - trying to seek justice - all along my heart ripping into pieces.

My sister and I deserve to have what was rightfully ours. There are some people who owe us a lot of money - answers - and apologies.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A face to the blog

These videos aren't the best - and I look like cr*p. That is what 8 months of being a targeted individual does to you.

Anyways here they are...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

This blog and story makes me cry

I was reading a blog about a poor girl who also became a victim of organized gang stalking. This post sums up how I felt/ feel at times...


Sadly there is a post by one of her friends on the blog. This girl took her own life after briefly having the blog up. Whenever I read about someone taking their own life it makes me cry and wish I could have reached out to them and been there for them - to listen to them - to offer help or shoulder to lean on....

I ofter wonder what will become of my life. I have been in hiding at my mom's home since the attack last month. It looks like apart from exposing the estate fraud case- and trying to find out what happened to my father - I will be now very involved in learning all I can about targeted individuals and hoping to join together with others in peaceful ways to try to get some kind of justice. It looks like I have a pretty rough trip ahead of me though. Thousands of victims are out there suffering in a silent Holocaust.

If anyone is a victim of gang stalking, or a victims of estate fraud, or feeling down - don't ever hesitate to drop me an email or a comment.

Stealing Esates from Children - and Act of National Security hide it under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act?

Last night I was listening to a conference call that is put together by many targeted individuals and is organized by a group called FREEDOM FROM COVERT HARASSMENT AND SURVEILLANCE (FFCHS)http://www.freedomfchs.com/.

These conference calls are held every day of the week – but on Saturday evenings the conference calls take adapt a more formal platform – because they are recorded and put into a podcast. Last night’s podcast was – for me – a key to understanding the methodology of what might be happening to me as a targeted individual – and many others who are suffering torture like tactics here within the United States.

It was brought up that there is actually a court called the FISA court. The FISA court is a court that functions here in the United States. This court can put a person on it’s list – without the person even knowing or being allowed to know they are on it. This court can then investigate ,wiretap, for years upon years a particular individual. Also it was stated that this court can have a trial – and find a person guilty without the accused even knowing there is a trial or accusation!
According to Wikipedia: The act created a court which meets in secret, and approves or denies requests for
search warrants. Only the number of warrants applied for, issued and denied, is reported. In 1980 (the first full year after its inception), it approved 322 warrants.[9] This number has steadily grown to 2224 warrants[10] in 2006.

That is where extrajudicial terrorism might become involved here.
It was theorized during the conference call ( or brought up as a possible explanation) that mercenary groups – such a Halliburton– and Blackwater ( now X.E.) might possibly be contracted here by the NSA, CIA, and military industrial compex - to "assist" with the surveillance of some of the people that have put on this list and or found guilty of crimes they are not even allowed to know they have been found guilty of.
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
This very fact – the secrecy surrounding the whole secret judicial process – could explain how so some people who have realized they are Targeted Individuals seem to experience torture like tactics including but not limited to : highly organized gang stalking, testing of electromagnetic weaponry, MkUltra like testing, highly organized electronic surveillance and wiretapping, blacklisted obtaining a job, damage and illegal entering into their homes, drugging, even rape - and recieve no help from any legal branch in the United States. It's all hush hush and a "federal security" issue.

It was also theorized that some TI's might be experiencing what might possibly be the new fangled form of CointelPro.

I find it fascinating – and I am going to emphasize this fascinating . . .
That all of the doctors’, “Firemen”, and others… were never my regular “Firemen” and or phsycians. I have been able to trace them all back to homeland security, - special OPS.

One particular doctor that appeared inside my emergency room – is physician who has a emergency response company that is based in Washington D.C. and works with homeland security.

J** H. R***, MD is a board-certified emergency physician who is currently a director of R****, N*, and Associates, LLC, an emergency medical management consulting firm.His partner: ******* - Dr. ** is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences and an adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor with the ****** He is a board-certified psychiatrist who is director of **** ***** and Associates, L.L.C., an emergency medical management consulting firm. He is also a psychiatrist with the DC Department of Mental Health Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP). he is currently on the board of American Association of Community Psychiatrists and he is the Chair of the American Psychiatric Association Committee on Psychiatric Dimensions of Disaster.

Question what is this man doing in my emergency room?

His company was first to respond to 911, to the Sunami disaster, and to Katrina. Ironically this doctor hails from Evanston Illinois – the same town my father’s family and mother is from. His treatment of me and my son in the ER was downright torturous. I will go into more detail in a later post.

When I went to go get my medical reports his name does not even show up anywhere in the medical files. It does however show up in another file – which I am very lucky to have gotten my hands on. In other words this doctor was not even assigned to me in the ER – does not appear on the ER medical reports.

Simply put he had no business in my ER room and no right to harras me. If it sounds like I am exaggerating - I am not. His behavior was sadistic.

Also the medical team who appeared after having my rape kit done ( they appeared 12 hours after having been in the hospital and stupidly gave me a new tirage report and stupidly put me down as having arrived in an ambulance right next to the original and real tirage report)- were not the original staff that was attending to me. I did not come in a “F*NY” ambulance 12 hours later.

If this Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and court are allowed by law to act in such secret ways . FISA warrent allow break ins and survielance of the victims. I find it plausible that it people on this list could fall into secret lists by unscrupulous individuals Docotors / individuals who might want to keep the MKUltra like testing and experiments running on unknowing citizens.

It would all be hush hush and hidden under the guise of “an act of national security”.

Now to the case of my sister, myself, my father , and my grandfather. There is no doubt in my mind that my grandfather did not meet an “accidental” death. I’ll write a longer post supporting this theory – but all one has to do is keep in mind that he was cremated, his remains were never found, the jury inquest does not add up, and his coroner was a Sherrif who was arrested a few years later for his mob connections. My father would die under strange circumstances as well – would be cremated and have all of his bank records stolen and hidden from the courts. I am beginning to think his death was not natural either – especially after finding out who his coroner was.

My grandfather was the sole heir to Allen and Garcia mining and oil land and rights. His father was the VP of Allan and Garcia. My father was the heir to the majority of this – as he was the eldest son. According to a very bitter brother of my father’s – our father was the heir to Allen and Garcia aspect. Now as soon as my father died in 1992 - there was a flurry of real estate transactions and development by certain parties surrounding my grandmother – and particularly by our grandmother herself. Now what kind of mother is thinking about real estate transaction in mining rich areas (sometimes just two days after out father’s death)? What kind of grandmother would steal everything from two children who lost their father – and never speak back to them again?

Better question yet - what would ensure – or help seal the deal – the children would never come back to question- to ask?

Putting them on a blacklist such as the one above – would be excellent security.

Keep in mind that the lawyers who helped handle my father’s “bankrupt “estate
are all CIA connected. The lawyer that has the stock book for my father works hand in hand with a lawyer who is notorious for knowing more about the inner working at the CIA than CIA agents themselves. This lawyer also represented Dr. Sidney Gotleib from the MKULTRA program.

According to our grandfather’s will it specifically says that my sister and I were to get the trust after our 21 birthdays – until we turned 21 our college and living expenses were to be taken care of. Yet we lied to and tossed aside. Never even to recieve photos or memoirs of our father.<>

Putting them on a blacklist such as the one above – would be excellent security. .
According to our grandfather’s will it specifically says that my sister and I were to get the trust after our 21 birthdays – until we turned 21 our college and living expenses were to be taken care of. Yet we lied to and tossed aside. Never even to recieve photos or memoirs of our father.
I don’t want this post to get too lengthy – but after discovering the probate fraud, theft, concealment, Criminal IRS fraud , I would try in vain over and over again to get the FBI and Department of Justice to look at and investigate my allegations. A person would get involved sound very shocked – and then fade away as if scared of the case – and I would never hear back from them.
On one particular occasion I called the Criminal IRS division of the Department of Justice to complain about Gerald E Role.

Gerald E Role was a lawyer from the Civil division of the Department of Justice. On many occasion I showed Mr. Role the proof I had of the criminal IRS aspects of the case. Including the fact that the our grandmother and her lawyers had been “corresponding” with a fake IRS address and a retired agent. He would ignore everything. So I called the Criminal division in D.C. I spoke to one man who started to laugh and was rather shocked. “Gerald Role is in an estate probate case? What the ….?Let me call him. “ I would call back and never to speak to the man in the CI division again – nor would he return a phone call.

I’m willing to bet that my sister and I were put on a blacklist shortly after our father died.

If so how incredibly hypocritical of the parties involved. If what I am theorizing about is true – and I have a lot of evidence to back up this theory –that would be totally messed up and sick.

Plaxe the true heirs - on some departmentalized “black list” have fun with them and make sure they are never strong enough to find out.

If one of them does get too close to finding out – up the gangstalking tactics on her– make her life – and the life of her son- miserable until she shuts up. Hopefully she will comit suicide. Let her know think she is close to being murdered. Turn her gas off for three days- then make sure when she goes to get tested for possibly poisoning – send an ambulance team that accuses her of trying to commit suicide by playing with her gas pipes and stick her in the psych ward. Employ stasi like gang stalking tactics on her – so that if she talks about them to anyone she’s be diagnosed as schizophrenic and delusional. This way we can medicate her, lock her up in a psych ward. Even better - that way since her sister was locked up in medical wards all her life– after becoming schizophrenic after having been dosed large amounts of LSD as a teenager- we can get the other sibling in a mental ward - and blame it on their DNA! That way we can get away with calling them both delusional, and erase all the records of the estate fraud!

It is theorized by some victims that gang stalking is a method of "slow kill". It is used in cases where actually killing the "inconvienent" person is to risky. Gangstalking's ulimate goal is to get the victim to commit suicide.

That is what is so sick about this highly organized gang stalking. Gangstalking is meant to mimic mental illnesses. If a victim would relate what is happening in reality - to anyone - even family - it sounds so "out there" that the victim will be ostracized from their own family. If the Targeted Individual is of high enough value when they fall ill ( perhaps from the effect of electromagentic weaponry) they will get a special team of doctors visiting them at the hospital. Lovely!

What a nice tangled web targeted individuals fall into. Ok I’m rambling venting….but I have proof of much of what I am rambling and venting about. I will continue to post and write coherent and cohesive articles and posts about what happened to my sister and myself.

Anyways... I will continue to talk about and to talk with other targeted individuals – this covert torture against American citizens – on American soil – needs to be investigated and come to an end. We are a silent majority – and what is happening to so many of us need to cease. It is like being a victim of a silent hidden holocaust. My case amongst many other are important because there are actual facts and connections. Hopefully one day we will be able to present our case in a court of law – and sue the socks of of the perpetrators and the people who are toruring and violating basic human rights of targeted individuals.


Friday, February 5, 2010


Today I have been reading the amazing story of a very corageous woman. She goes by the name of DesertFae. I could write about what I've read but her website, videos, and story speaks for itself...


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things are ok -

Things are ok - all things considered. Still have to deal with some underhanded bs gang stalking tactics - but I'm not going to be writing about them too much.
Nothing compared to what happened in NY. Then again I've been in bed for the past month. I've been reading more and more blogs and stories of other "targeted individuals" and I just can't believe how many are out there are from all walks of life. I was reading Ted Gunderson's website who was a courageous FBI agent - and even he and his son are suffering.
Anyways I've been feeling very ill and weak as of late.
I've started a new blog - called badluckultra - . One might think that dwelling and writing about the past might be harmful - but I think writing about the severe bad luck events I had after my father's death throughout my adult life - will in essence - help me tie together the pieces and help me to heal. This way I can keep the emotional tones off of this blog - and just stick to the facts here .
I don't know how much time I have left here . ..I hope I am being fatalistic - but I really do feel as if my body and health are quickly fading. For the record though - although feeling melancholy and weak- I am very much happy to be alive and will not or do not have any intentions of hurting myself. I am training for a new job - and am learning to cope and deal with the reality of being a targeted individual. It's tough but it can be accomplished.
Shame on the people who would do this to human life. A lot of the people are elderly, disadvantaged, single women. Only cowards would pick on people like this. I can only imagine how empty and pitiful they are inside. I've stated before I'm not the perfect person - but I do have a great heart. I could never even fathom hurting another human being in such a methodical cold hearted method.
After reading the methodology, and really educating myself on being a targeted individual - there is no doubt in my mind that both my sister and myself were put on a list so to speak to impede us from advancing in life. My last sentence might not make much sense but perhaps after writing on the new blog - it will. I don't think I would have ever picked up on this - if it not had been for the obvious and blatant gangstalking and harrasment that would start when I got vocal against what was happening in D.C.
I hope one day to put together a book - along with the D.C. Probate court papers - and teach the general public how the lawyers were able to get away with hiding everything from us.

One good thing is I have connected so much more with my sister. I have actually fell on the floor crying to her asking her to forgive me. All the things she went through ( gangstalking that appeared to make her seem schizophrenic to the general populace) - and then being put in mental wards,having been dosed with LSD, my god the poor thing. She was only a child when it began. If I had experienced what I have this past year - as a child - I could easily see myself getting caught up in the system.
As an adult I know better not to describe the gangstalking tactics to many people. I am even apprehensive to write them out. They are made to mimic the signs of paraniod schizophrenics.
There are a lot of people who did the wrong thing by stealing our estate. Also it appears now more than ever ( by new discoveries I have made) that not only my grandfather might have been murdered - but also my father)
Anyways I'm rambling - but I told my sister that this stuff was beginning to happen to me - and apologized to her for never believing her. I also showed her all the news paper articles about her grandfather. She beamed with pride and told me "I knew I had an architect within me" or something similar to that. She's happier than I have ever seen her. Bless her heart.
This is a very good video from a target describing his experience with being a targeted individual.

Here is another targeted individual - this lady ( the second one was an informant on the Franklin Cover Up scandel.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Phoenix Program part II - paging Dr. Greene

I read a fascinating well put together on spike.com .The article is quite an eye opener. This article is aptly named Monarch: The New Phoenix Program II. It also has a sub article named V Cointelpro and Phoenix Program.
I've been doing some research on some of the doctors that have popped into the ER while I am there. These doctor's are never my main physicians - and they always have a common determined goal when going into the ER. Creating extreme stress - in one way or another. Some of my investigations on these doctors are quite mind blowing - two of them are connected ( one I would meet ten years later) they both appear to work out of a DC based emergency preparedness company. And one just happens to be a Dr. Reich whose family is also from EVANSTON Il...

I'll elaborate more on this later. I can show quite a lot via medical records - including the blooper "User N. Interface" and the Phillipino nurse that arrived with a man in an FDNY ambulance and stupidly wrote right next to my original triage - that I was brought in an ambulance some 12 hours later - and things that might even be more shocking to the average reader.

I'm not sure how I am going to do this or present this info. The best thing - I believe would be to present it in another blog - so as not to distract from my father and grandfather's case.

Given that last thought - how incredibly convenient would it be for my sister and myself to possibly be put into a new fangled version of something MKUltra related. In the article it goes to say ...

These experiments were carried out in hospitals, prisons, orphanages, and mental facilities. The subjects were people of all races, men, women, children, and children in the womb. Most unknowing human subjects were people who could not fight back. The mentally handicapped, orphans, prisoners, hospital patients, children, and citizens from lower socio-economic brackets.

Now let's just theorize - and keep an open mind yet keep these points in mind
a. MKultra and other projects of human expermintation did exist at one time
b. Given the fact that the man who has my father's share book and stock book works closely with a lawyer who is said to have more knowledge of the inner workings of the CIA than the CIA itself according to the book and represented Dr. Sidney Gotblieb in the MkUltra trial
c. My sister ( and anyone in my family can relate this) was fine mentally until someone dosed her drink one night after she got off from working at TGI when she was still a teenager. She has spent most of her adult life in the state mental ward.

As I related on my website here - what if my sister and myself were to have been able to reach our full potential?
I posted this before - we would have started to research and ask questions about our dad and our grandfather. We also might have discovered the missing trust fund.

In essence we would be perfect candidates for a new fangled version of MkUltra like experimentation. Since dad died - and it was planned from the beginning by our grandmother ( and her law firm with close CIA connections) that we were not to get anything that belonged to our father - well - in the eyes of our grandmother and some of the people surrounding our father's case - we could have been viewed by certain indivuduals as "disposables".

Now this still may sound very far fetched to the average reader who would toss this off as "conspiracy" which even myself would have done even just a year ago before discovering all that I have.

I also believe that I have very compelling medical records ( that have errie comparisons to other TI's out there blogging who talk about MkUltra like connections) that would be interesting to put up in a seperate blog.

One thing that shocked me is that on the voting trust papers ( where my grandmother transferred my father's shares into her own name ) it says Attention Mr. Greene. Now there is NOBODY at Diamond Cab company with that name. When I read that the lawfirm who held the stock books to Diamond was fronted by this lawyer with close connections in the CIA - and represented Dr. Sidney Gotlieb. I started to investigate who Sidney Gotlieb was and what the heck MkUltra was. I kept reading about a man of the name of Dr. Wilson Green - who was from many articles I've read ( including the one I have posted above) a doctor who is described by some testimony as having blonde hair, blue eyes, and a german accent.
Now I don't know if this "Dr. Wilson Green " is even alive still. Upon looking at the name Attention Mr. Greene on the voting trust ( a paper I really should not even have I got it by mistake ) the thought entered into my mind if this might indeed be related. However I tossed that thought out - because this Wilson Green had a german accent. Nobody at Diamond or at the law firm would have a german accent. This morning I awoke thinking - no wait a second. The lawfirm that has my father's share book has a law firm in Germany.... the head lawyer is fluent in German. I wonder if he knows the identity of who Dr. Wilson Greene is. I wish I could ask him. I also wonder if he might know what happened to my grandfather....?

That being said - going to court hearing after court hearing 15 years later - about my father's estate would make me relive the horror over and over again about my father's death. Traumatizing me and my son who had to witness this. My son included would start to experience his own traumatizing events as well. .
On my last post I wrote not to loose faith in humanity and the fact that most people are good. From what I have read about a lot of the people and doctors involved in this MkUltra programs and it's spin off's are anything but nice.

I read this quote from a victim Claudia Mullen who testified at the Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments March 15, 1995.

"Once a crude remark was made by Dr. Gottlieb about a certain possible leak in New Orleans involving a large group of retarded children who had been given massive doses of radiation. He asked why was Wilson so worried about a few retarded kids, after all they would be the least likely to spill the beans. Another time I heard Dr. Martin Orne, who was the director then of the Scientific Office and later head of the Institute for Experimental Research state that "in order to keep more funding coming from different sources for radiation and mind control projects", he suggested stepping up the amounts of stressors used and also the blackmail portions of the experiments. He said, "it needed to be done faster, then to get rid of the subjects or they were asking for us to come back later and haunt them with our remembrances."

These people are anything but nice - and if indeed programs such as these are still being used against the general populace ..well the new generations probably aren't any "nicer".

Also I find an errie similarity between MKUltra like techniques used on victims in the 60's and some of the torture trauma based tactics used on prisoners at Guantanamo and other CIA run torture locations around the world.

Friday, January 29, 2010

For the first time I am confused

I called the detectives in NYC - and they ( the woman and man) were ..( dare I say it) nice! I am not sure why or how...but they were actually friendly and kind over the phone.
I still haven't connected all the dots in my father's case - but one thing I would recommend to anyone is never too loose faith in anyone - including what might seem rouge law enforcement. Not saying the LE officers were rouge ...in other words ...you don't know what they have been told....or what they have been ordered to do ...perhaps even against their own will... or perhaps even my own possible fear of what happened to me that might have made me think they were that way...
One aspect of CointelPro ( the old school one) was to paint someone out as bad as possible and then leave them to the dogs so to speak.
What I have seen in my past - is random people and "User N. Interfaces" editing and changing things in my medical histories and even complaints to LE.
So a victim of Cointelpro is painted out it the worst possible light.

Who might have a power like that?Hmmmm perhaps a certain someone who has top security clearance for the CIA?

Anyways nobody is perfect ( myself included) - my advice ( and I've said this over and over again) is to never loose faith in humanity and never loose faith that 97 percent ( lol yes that is my guessamite) of the population are good hearted and kind - even though most of us don't act so on a day to day basis....
Cliche but true....as Love is all you need..don't forget this fact if you are a TI.

I've been looking through old family albums at my grandma's house today....I ate black eyed peas and corn bread and salad with pineapple and ugghhh gross (must be a southern thing) lettuce ..as well...sometimes it's good to let go and relax...and forgive.... then find that 3 percent behind all the bad things and go after the real culprits - via legal means and tenacity

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sad but true

I hope one day the criminals behind all of this will come to justice.

I checked out the story by the man who posted the terrible story about his brother. It checks out - his brother did die on Dec 2007 - according the the social security death index.

My god... and that's the detective whose in charge of my case - good grief . . .

Monday, January 25, 2010

20 days since the attack at my apartment

I waited weeks for the Detective to call me. He finally called my home in South Carolina - about five days ago. His behavior was creepy. I'd elaborate more but I need to go to sleep tonight. I'm so tired I can barely type.

My attack and rape is not being treated as such.

What I found out today simply made me throw up. I did some research on this detective and this came up. Not much more shows up about this private detective who is handling my attack and rape... not much comes up ..... except for this man's story he is mentioned.

These are the same dynamics that happened to me. Firemen - LE enforcement officers who nobody really knows ( not even FDNY investigators know the names that showed up on the report). His mother would start to go through this whilst dealing with an estate case - just like myself.

I called and spoke to her granddaughter, the the man that related this story, and as I was about to call again the phone lines in our house went down. Tonight they are still down. There is no dial tone. I went to speak to neighbors they said that the electricity in their house also went down around the same time.

I can't believe what I read about this detective and the uncanny similarities with this man's complaint - and what has occurred to me with these shadow like people. Could there exist the possibility that some of the mercenary contractors that are hired by the government ( for example Blackwater which has proven links to the CIA) is possible assisting with this in the means of providing untraceable "Firemen" and EMS personnel?

Quick summary - 1. Grandfather's body missing possibly murdered,
2. Coroner on my dad's autopsy hired just two weeks before his death - has been accused of tampering evidence and cover ups. Was coroner for Enron Suicide case which left many people with questions.
3. I have been terrorized ( along with my son) ever since the estate case started by "Firemen" and Ambulances that show up at my home.
4. The lawfirm that has my father's share book is headed by a man with top security clearance and is quoted in one book as having more knowledge of the goings on in the CIA than the CIA itself - he represented Blackwater in the Nissor Sqaure incident - and represented Dr. Sidney Gottleib in the MkUltra trail

Here is the letter where a man relates similar home invasions and puported LE and mentions the Creepy Detective's name.......


December 13, 2007

Chief Medical Examiner: Charles S. Hirsch, M.D.
520 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Cc: NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly

Re: Medical Examiner Case No. M-07-6816

Dear Charles S. Hirsch, M.D.

I’m writing to you today to report the gross negligence and the utter disrespect that your Investigators had when they showed up at my mother place of residence when all five of your workers refuse to produce their Identification or show their credentials.

I became suspect of the leading investigator when he identified himself using 2 different names during his Inquiry of my brother’s medical history. He next informed me and my mother that he wanted to be left alone with the body. Naturally I became alarmed and ask to see his credentials and my mother wanted to be present when he reviews the body. He informs me that he doesn’t have his identification on him and that my mother couldn’t be in the room while he reviews the body.

I thought that was very peculiar and I told him that me and my mother is not going anywhere until he shows us his credentials. He just fumed and walked out of my mother’s apartment along with his female assistant and there were 2 officers that were present and witnesses to my complaint. Next the 2 officers followed him out into the hallway outside of my mother’s apartment. (Nawaz badge# 4593 and his partner which I failed to get his information, but he seemed like he’s a stand up guy.)

About 10 minutes later officer Nawaz returned from the hallway and asks us do we have a picture identification for my brother because if we don’t that they was going to have to bag him and tag him as a John Doe. Me and my mother looked at each other in sheer disbelief and asked him “isn’t the word of his mother and his brother good enough for a positive Identification” to the body? His reply to us was no, it wasn’t.

A little over 20 minutes later Sgt. Preston (badge # 1037) and a detective who reluctantly identified himself as Alexander Morales (badge # 4858) and another guy in a suit who claimed that he was FBI but failed to produce a identification threaten to arrest us for obstruction of Governmental administration simply because we wanted to see the identification of the investigators who was handling my brothers body.

Shortly after that, my mother’s apartment was swarm with cops from the 19th precinct and they forced us up front with the threat of arrest while one particular officer (officer Stabile badge # 25532) put on a pair of black leather gloves and stood in front of me and says to the investigators from the ME’s office who was now coming into my mother’s apartment “to go have fun.”

I was appalled by his statement and his cockiness and utter disrespect for me and my mother. I kept on saying I want to see their ID’s and the detective and the FBI guy kept saying that I was obstructing, and that I will be arrested. Sgt.Preston told me that they’ll show me their ID when their done. My mom kept on saying that she wanted to be present and they just kept on threatening us with arrest and jail.

About 20 minutes later some of the assistants hurried out of my mother’s apartment with that so called FBI guy without showing us their credentials like Sgt. Preston had promised us. Next the lead Investigator gave me a Generic card from the Medical Examiner office without his name or contact information or any instruction on how to claim the body. He wanted to know if we wanted an autopsy and we instructed to him that we have to consult with legal counsel because we are not in a position of trust especially with all of what’s happening. All five Investigators was allowed to leave the apartment without Identifying themselves disrespecting my family’s wishes while we was held at bay by numerous NYPD officers from the 19th precinct.

About an hour later his body was removed by 2 different guys from the Medical Examiners office. I was very puzzled over the number of firefighters, paramedics, police officers, a detective, a so call FBI guy and 5 Medical examiners Investigators that responded to a routine call to 911 when my mother called and said in a very calm voice that her son was having difficulty breathing. I also thought that it was bizarre that the first thing the responding paramedic asks my mother was for the DNR that was forced on us from Lenox Hill Hospital.

Later on that evening when my mother was cleaning up the bedroom that my brother passed away in she made the distasteful discovery that the laptop that I gave my brother (his last request) days earlier was stolen out of its briefcase. Only nine individuals could’ve committed that crime; the 5 investigators from the ME Office, the detective and the FBI guy and lastly the 2 guys from the morgue who removed my brother’s body. I’m willing to bet it was the assistants who hurried out of mother’s apartment along with the FBI guy when the lead investigator handed me that generic card with no identifying information on it.

Victims of MKULTRA often experience frequent vandalism and theft and a host of other offensive harassment techniques from rogue elements that’s operating within our Government. I believe my brother was a victim of that project and I believe his body will give up all the years of abuse and forced experiments that he was subjected to.

It is in my belief that my brother may have been exposed to injurious toxins, radiation, exotic pathogens, chemicals and a host of powerful neuroleptics that ultimately led to his untimely death under one or more subprojects under the umbrella of MKULTRA/MKSEARCH mind control program.

I’m requesting that his death be treated like a murder investigation and a full toxicology be performed on him. Also we would like for him to be check for implanted devices injected or removed and a full explanation as to what that wound was that was on the base of his spine, which Lenox Hill Hospital claim to be a bed sore. Also we would like to know if there was human error involved when the Doctors removed liquid from my brother’s belly which resulted into Ascitis, which was mixed with Gasritis. My brother demise started when he was leaving pibly residential program which he was forced in about 10 years ago. He suffered a lot of maltreatment during his stay there.

His entire medical history needs to be subpoenaed to get a full understanding of what happened to him. I trust you understand my concerns and would respect my family wishes. Truthfully, at this time my family is not to trusting of any NYC agency base on the abuse of power and the unprofessional conduct we received throughout the last 3 decades. I trust you would discipline the 5 workers who refuse to produce their Identification and we still would like to know the identity of each of your investigators that was in the apartment that day.

I would also like to inform you through this communication that we may seek civil actions against your department because of the maltreatment we experience from your investigators. And this statement should be considered as a notice of intent to suit and seek civil damages for the total disrespect and maltreatment that we received from your employees and that of the NYPD officers, who is also under notice with intent to suit.

Click on the link to read more and see the sad pictures. . .

He also goes on to ask this:
Back in the latter part of the 60’s my mother cousin Wavy Lackey told her that she was going to be named administrator over the Lackey Estates (which is worth in the millions). Her cousin then met an untimely death and the property which is heir’s property wound up in the hands of this lawyer name Pat Campbell, a powerful southern attorney and an illegitimate relative name Lester Lackey.

Is it possible that she and her children was recommended for these unethical experiments by someone in the South in order to distract her from pursuing what was rightfully hers?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

This is a video I did after finding out about our grandfather - and finding an old radio interview of him.
Here he describes the church he did for Reverend Johnnie Comleman

If you notice he mentions that she called the church her stained glassed jewel box.

Well our grandfather was also the president of the stained glass windows association. The signature to a lot of his churches was floor to ceiling stained glass windows.

Now what is so errie and odd - is that my sister would start to paint rooms a few years back in floor to ceiling in mosaics that looked like stained glass windows. She at this time had no idea that her grandfather was an architect... Somehow though she would channel that artistic ability - even without knowing! Art is in the blood.

Speaking of this I am so upset at these lawyers and elites who think their blood line is somehow better than someone else. Or that their way of life and or religion is superior - all the while committing atrocities on other human beings. Hippocrates!

And that they have the right to take and steal what a father left to son - what a son would want to leave for his children.

My grandfather's will says "that if any such grandchild of mine,
a the date of the death his parent shall not have obtained the age of 21, my trustee shall postpone distribution of such share, or partial share, to such grandchild until the time as he shall obtain the age of 21

My sister had huge potential. Instead she was brought into mental wards - survived years inside psychiatric facilities - pumped up on medication - and relates horrific stories to me. All while other's up in D.C. and Illinois benefited of what should have been rightfully ours. Disgusting! There is no doubt in my mind that she went through the same kind of gangstalking and medical harassment that I have experienced these past few months. These mofo's ( sorry lack of a better word here) knew the stress these acting would take on my life and that of my child. They didn't care if my child was gassed to death either.

This may not sound plausible for American who read this. They might think oh - mercenaries aren't hired to do hits on US citizens here in the states. Those kinds of things only happen overseas.From personal experience some of these upper elite don't care if your Caucasion - Asian - African - European or what religion you are or country you come from.

They don't see other people as humans. They don't care if you are and adult or child. They see themselves as superior - and your life to them is not important.They might even laugh and enjoy watching other humans suffer.
Anyways I've finished ranting - but I'll leave of with these questions . .

What if my sister had become someone important socially or in her career of choice ( she wanted to be an interior designer)? What if she had lived up to her full potential? Well then she ( and myself ) would have started to ask questions. Who we were - what happened to dad - we might have wanted to visit granddad resting place and find out - oppps his body is missing!
Nope I am sure these people did not want us ever to ask any questions. . .

I edited this video for my sister last week. It is a video from 1992 - about 8 months after our father died. So much beauty - so much talent - wasted away ...
Oh and don't get any weird ideas about my Uncles. They were partners for over 40 years. My real Uncle ( not his partner) was very well known gardener and artist - his partner graduated from Harvard at the age of 15.

Disgusting what happened to her. This could have been avoided! She is so pumped up on medications - and has been ever since she came home one night after being slipped some major drugs ( we don't know by who). Anyways ---- these past few months when ambulances would arrive at my door - when I was harassed - there was always a common theme amongst the perps - "ohhh Ms. Cooley you need your meds" ..."Ohh Ms. Cooley what day is today..."
Take "meds" for an imaginary non existent disease so I can just be quiet and not discover what happened?

End up like my poor sister?
Look at her now . . .

There are some sick things and people in this world. Shame on every last one of you.

Not very comforting -

I'm still in the process of editing the long post below. After rearranging the blog - I went back and looked at some of the old posts. It's not comforting at all that the lawyer who arrived at the scene before any law enforcment did at where Mary Jo Kopechne drowned - not only went to high school with the head of the law firm that represented my father's "bankrupt" estate - but they would later create a private investigation company together. I called this lawyer because he has the same last name as the lawyer who would be in charge of my father's estate since 1992 ( not the same lawfirm that is now in control of the stock book of Diamond Cab).

"Chappaquiddick incident"

All the lawyers ( except for the one that assisted with my dad's estate for the past 17 years) are very amicable persons with excellent backgrounds and reputations - so I am not implying - nor do they have anything to do with my father's case. But the history is unsettling to say the least - given what I have gone through, and discoverd these past few months.

Another thing that in rather unsetteling - is I googled earthed the home oI visited as a child with my father, and grandmother. I specifically remember the round circle like drive way with cobble peppble stones. Driving down the driveway over the pebble stone was what woke me up. And when I google earthed it last night it looks very similar. I also mapped it from the house where my grandmother lived in Illinois and it would have been approximately a three hour drive. I remember the drive was so long to visit these friends that I fell asleep in the back seat of the car.

This trip would have been in the summer of 1986/87/88. The reason I remember this trip so vividly is because my father told me we were going to visit a man who had made his money off of car parts. My dad said specifically said "like mufflers and things" when I asked about it.
Now growing up around Diamond Cab company I would some time wander into the garage -and remember how yukcy and ugly 'mufflers" were. So I thought "Ohhh yuck" to myself. I also was very disappointed on the way there because I thought we were going on a long trip to see a bunch of car parts or something.

Upon entering the home though we were taken on a tour. Unfortunately I don't remember too much of what was inside the home - except a long indoor swimming pool - romanesque looking - and the fact that I was told that all the faucets and the sinks and bathtubs -were made of 24 caret gold. I remember going into the guest bathroom very close to the entrance of the long majestic home. I remember it was a man and wife about the same age as my grandmother that owned the home.

Even the handles on the toilets were made of solid gold. I remember using the bathroom looking at the gold and thinking mufflers. . . needless to say because of the word car parts - mufflers - this particular trip would leave a lasting impression in my mind. I had never seen sink handles made of 24 caret gold before - or toliet flushers for that matter.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My email to J*ye M C*rter - and my subsequent run ins with Homeland Security Firemen

This post is a work in progress which I will have finished by tonight *edit Monday. I will be editing some of the langauge and tone in my previous posts so that it is better understood by the general public if they happen to find this blog. It has been difficult to say the least to edit, spell check , and the like - under the recent circumstances these past few months.

The following post will be one of the longest posts on this blog - and a staple part of it. . .

It still need serious editing. . . as does my webpage and the rest of this blog.

I will be uploading the supporting documentation. Everything I have posted is true to best to my knowledge. If you read it now without the supporting uploaded documentaion it might not make sense ..not that anyone reads this blog anyways..I'm in on this alone for now... and all I can do at best ...is docuement. Good thing now is that I am in a safe place and I am healing . . .

And I have supporting evidence of every point except for the last . . . and Oliver's connection to the same man name/age/town that works for and invented the company that provides the technology for making 911 calls.

For legal purposes
I am not implying that any of the men or woman above acted outside the law . . . .
I will be editing this post so that it is as concise and short and to the point as possible - yet still allowing readers (myself) to understand what happened

J*ye M C*rt*r is the a coroner with a murkey past and was also the coroner for the Enron man who commited suicide with a rat shot right before tesifying.
Saturday, June 27, 2009 4:26 PM
"Cooley" <********@yahoo.com>

Message contains attachments
2 Files (3994KB)

Dear Joy Carter,

Hello! My name is ******** Cooley and I left a message on your phone... My father's ashes appear to be missing. . .:( He died in 1992 under what I believe to be possible "suspicious" circumstances.. . . Everything I have found so far has been forged...I was wondering if this is a legit Death Certificate and if this is really your signature?Also Earl WIlson? Would you be able to recognize his signature? I know it's been a while...but that looks like my grandmother's hand writing - plus it's signed as Carl not Earl . . .?I truly believe my father and grandfather are not at rest.My grandfather was a church architect who designed over 400 churches before his death -He was paid in land deeds..not money (At the time of this email I was not aware the land was actually from and or related to the Allen and Garcia mining shares) all of this he left to my father...Both died at 41 ( well my dad died at 40 but the death certificate makes it appear to be 41)There is only on William Cooley at the church :(Someone is missing :(Thanks so much for reviewing this - and please watch this video about my father and grandfather if you get a chance

Sincerely,******** Cooley--- On Sat, 6/27/09,

M Cooley <********@yahoo.com> wrote:

During this time my whole family waited for the head of the Columbaium committee - where only one set of remains appear ( both my father and grandfather are supposed to be there) Bob Oliver who signed for the set of remains that appear at the church in Barrington. Bob Oliver is an military pilot - who just happens to live in the home of my grandfather whose remains are missing. Joye Carter is also air force. There are companies that I have connected Bob Oliver with - one includes a compnay that made the technology for 911 calls.

I never heard back from either Oliver or Carter. I had gathered information and PowerPoint slides, and had called an intake agent at the FBI whom agreed to take a look at it. As stated before I would not go because on Thursday July 2 - I would arrive home to a pungent smell of gas.

Incident 1

Upon calling 911 - James W. Manning and crew would arrived at my apartment. For three harrowing days the leak was not fixed. For these three days the same crew of men would arrive - the second day was the scariest. I was outside of my apartment building and and it seemed as if these men wanted to push me back inside my apartment. In fact, they formed a circle around me, outside of my apartment. All were carrying their metal equipment and held them upright so that I could not get out. I had to duck underneath one man's elbows to get out.

I went to the FDNY headquarters and went under recording with investigators. After looking at my amended reports - one of the investigators took be aside and point blank asked me who would want to see my son and I dead - and how much money was my father's estate worth. I was told' You need a lawyer". I responded to " I don't want to sue the FDNY - I just want to know what happened." The investigator responsded very firmly looking and said "No you don't understand you need a lawyer"

Well from my own research I have discovered that James W Manning the man who was the "Chief" who visited my home is in the unit Special Administration Operatives. Which division of special operations - I do not know. I do know that another man involved received in this three day debacle training from the West Point Military Homeland Security Squad. Manning was transferred to the Firehouse that corresponds with my area around the same time Nicholas D Ward would appear to take care of my father's estate.

On April 9 2009, according to this FDNY document, he was transferred from Special Administration Operative to Battalion 10 ( my local firehouse-Till this day nobody at Battalion 10 knows who this man is. Anyhow , I related this story on my web page - but after three days of not fixing the Co2 leak ( telling me they had dispatched to conedison on both occasions). After this three days - I called from my home to inquire about getting tested for possible Co2 poisoning.

I was stopped on my way out of my door by about 6 police cops who looked clueless - except for one elder - who along with a lady EMS. The woman and older police man - told me I should get in the ambulance "just in case" I could not walk. Inside the ambulance I was threatened and harassed for 30 minutes. I remained as silent and cooperative as possible. I was told I would be placed in solitary confinment and me made to take "meds". She then placed me in the psych ward and LIED to the psychiatrist and told him I had been "playing with the gas pipes" " was homicidal and suicidal" and that I drank a lot of "booze". The psychiatrist interviewed me and let me go within an hour. Finding that I was not homicidal or suicidal.

I called the FBI intake officer and related to him why I had not shown up - and he told me he would escalate my complaint because it sounded as if this had been an attempt against my life. That man in the FBI was so helpful and responsive...

Incident 2

My second run in with FDNY would be even odder.

For a few days while sleeping home at my apartment flashlights and bright lights would be shown through my window at night. On the third night - I was at home blogging - and firemen flashed a light through my window banged on it and said , "Mam you have to get out your broiler is about to explode." Having been scared by the first incident - I ran out of my apartment and out into the street. Leaving my apartment front door three fireman were entering - they were laughing. They also had a Eastern European accent. I asked them who told them the broiler was about to explode. They said the men on the roof. There were Ariel helicopters around my building as well. I ran outside and called my mom. I also saw the same man who had placed me in the ambulance in July. Upon returning to my apartment - I noticed that the door lock to the basement where the broiler was left half picked open - and a screwdriver was left behind.

I went as soon as possible and got the fire reports. It was a wrong box number - ( not my building) and the box number on the report with the "malfunctioning" broiler ( supposed to my building) does not even HAVE A BROILER IN IT. I went again to the FDNY investigations and this time I was not allowed upstairs where I had gone before. I was greeted downstairs by a man who ushered me into a big room and sat down and spoke with me. He listened and handed me his card. He said he would be calling me back - he never did. He is a Fire Marshall of "confidential investigations" . I was told to always call 911 and to rest assured that those calls went right there to Brooklyn. Very amicable fellow - even though he never did call back.

*Note to self and other possibly innocent targeted individuals. If you ever find yourself in a situation such as this one DO NOT call 911 from your cell phone if you can avoid doing so. Call from a pay phone and try to reach you local precint. 911 calls are directed now through voip technology and can be redirected by someone powerful enough to do so.

If the fire chied ammending your Co2 leaks is an ADMOP ( Special Administration unit) as the Fire Chief - they might have the technology to reroute you 911 calls.

Also keep in mind - if you are about to whistle blow on a Military Knight of Malta member whose has your late father's "bankrupt" estate case - and CIA lawyers - and getting phone calls from someone you can trace back to possibly to Blackwater telling you to quit it - and you just found out that your both you dad and grandad might have been offed - you might not want to call 911 from your cell phone . . .

My advice is to go directly to your local firehouse - or precint if you can. Not everyone is in on it. What I am saying here that the technology exists to reroute your calls and make regular (GOOD) firemen believe what they are hearing over the dispatch is true. I still have the utmost respect for real firemen - not thugs pretending to be them.

Of course if I had any inkling of an idea of whom or what I was trying to blow the whistle on - I might have not done it - but at this time I was still unaware of just what I was up against.
Not satisfied - I went onto the scanner feeds - and listened to the dispatches that were made on the exact date and time on my fire report. What I heard shocked the hell out of me.
Before I get into this -

There is an African woman who lives above me . I stupidly had told her about my case and showed her the webpage. I told her when I would be going to D.C. in her last email she asked what day I would be going- I had a break into my apartment - my son and I came home to a trashed apartment upon returning to D.C. S
he started to constantly start to fall asleep with her bathtub water running. On numerous occasions my apartment would fill with water - so badly that it would short circuit my electricity. I would go and knock on her door - to see what happened - and she would never open the door just letting the water run. I would eventually have to call the F*NY.

The reason she was doing this was ( I thought at the time) to create reasons to sue the owner of the building in court ( which she did many times) and not pay rent. I wrote a letter in favor for the owner of the building.
Read the letter here. . .

Ok - now back to the dispatches - at the same time the "Fireman" were dispatched to my apartment there was a "bathtub" leak somewhere in a housing project. Well I went to the housing project and spoke the the purported apartments were there was this bathtub leak - guess what nobody had a bathtub leak.

To make this shorter - what appears to have happened - is someone called in for a bathtub leak - and showed up at my house for a "broiler fire" that didn't even happen. It appears they did so by switching the dispatchers and giving the frequency to the emergency dispatcher New York Housing Authority where the purported bathtub leak occured. They sent an ambulance for the "agitated patient with a bathtub leak" to my home! The ambulance was sent from a fire department in Queens were Homeland Security are combined.

Also on this particular fire department report the man was John J Donnely who appears to be homeland security in Washington D.C. I called him and asked him if he was the name that appeared on my fire report. He replied - I don't know anything about it.

I would then receive a phone call telling me to basically quit it. I traced the phone call back to Teneco and coincidentialy the CEO of tenneco has worked with the Prince Corporation which is connected with Blackwater. I have the phone call recorded.

Fire Incident number 3

There is a particular key figure that I have left out in this post - I will be writing a separate post about him.
However he was around during each break in and fire deparment incident. He is an ex Vietnam Vet- and if it is indeed the same man his first tour in Vietnam - was with the Central Intelligence Agency.
Anyways I told him what I had discovered by listening to the scanners. His face went slack, his mouth dropped, and he turned white. I did not realize that he would have anything to do with organizing any of this - until a few days later.

Anyways this is when things would really escalate. I wrote about it here. I really began to become afraid for my life.

I returned to my apartment after having left for a week and this happened This man offered me a sip of a drink. I woke up in a bloody apartment with very painful sensations everywhere in my private parts. I will elaborate on this in a further post. I believe I might possibly have been drugged.

I went to the safe place I was staying at in Queens ( a friends home ) and then to Elmhurst hospital where I had my rape kit done. The process took until about 6 am.

Right when I was about to leave a Philippine nurse told me that he needed to catch my urine again. He handed me a glass of water with cold ice in it. I told him I would need another cup of water. A F*NY ambulance man came with a plastic cup - and pulled up the metal part of the hospital bed in a locked position. I did not drink the second cup. He was with a woman was well who I would later meet.

The Philippine nurse told me that someone wanted to talk to me - and the he no longer needed my urine. He smiled as he let me inside a door. After it closed I realized where I was. The psych ward. The lady who I had seen with the "F*NY " ambulance man came in and interviewed me. I would later find out this b*tch ( for a lack of better words ) had diagnosed me with drug induced psychosis. So there I was sitting for another 9 hours in soiled clothing - still without having washed myself. Almost 2 days after the rape/attack.

Thank god I was let out on priority discharge when the real psychiarists ( not the goon one that appeared with the F*DNY ambulance ) realized there was nothing wrong wih me. The next day I went to get my medical records and let me put it this way - the little cover up - from possible rape victim - to psychosis is BLATANT and they made BIG mistakes. I'll be putting it up online later on. I have proof of what they did. For example - I have two intakes - one occurs by me arriving by foot by myself ( the real one) and then I have a new intake with the Philipino nurse who arrived with the FDNY ambulance man. He reports that I was brought in by ambulance on the same dern report OPPPS!!!!!

Plus someone went in with an Auxiliary "User N Interface" and erased my meal plans that had been prepared for three days in advance. Plus I was apparenty still in the hospital in the psych ward a day after I had already LEFT ( they forgot to edit it out) . User N. Interface must have been going through "delusions" because I had already been dismissed from the hospital. Also the dum dum "goon"
psychatrist wrote that it was January 5 2009 - um yeah ... last time I checked we are in 2010.

Now, unfortunately, what I do not have proof of :( is upon walking back to my friends house in Queens after leaving the hospital - right before crossing the block two men in an F*NY ambulance put on their lights - turned thier sirens on - slowed down and glared at me. I ignored them. That didn't frighten me at all. I was so happy to be out and to finally go home and take a shower that the silly games they were playing didn't bother me.

I doubt the men were even real F*NY EMS - just thugs in an Ambulance....