Mystery Of William M Cooley

I am a targeted individual of organized gang stalking also called stalking by proxy. This occurred to me after trying to fight for justice in my father's case. I am taking the blog down. I am tired of fighting and exposing an evil that I could never truly expose, as I am not the only victim of this kind of crime. Plus I have realized that there will be no justice of any sort. The more I seem to expose and speak out; the more I am targeted. Gang stalking is real - and is scary - and I hope that one day all victims will be able to put an end to this kind of torture, however I feel that I must move on and focus on my life and the life of my son.

Coroner Inquest on the Body of William M Cooley Sr.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Does Blackwater use force against American Citizens on American Soil?

Let's listen to the phone call - at the bottom of this post. . .

Question - Does state sanctioned covert torture exist here in the United States?

Are innocent woman and children United Sates Citizens targets of covert state sanctioned torture?

Is Homeland security being used as a guise to buse against inncocent civilians - or someone deemed a "political dissident" ?

I think that is a logical question to ask after all the events that have happened to me - and after finding out who and what I was up against. After all one of the top Knights of Malta - Nicholas D Ward - and a lawyer who works very closely with one of the top CIA lawyers in the USA - that did at one point represent Backwater in Iraq after the Nissor square

As stated before I have been put myself on some kind of "homeland security" watchlist - and have had "Firemen" (not really "Firemen") and Ambulances come home ready to take me away while I have been blogging - while I have been minding my own business at HOME in peace.

In my heart of hearts I did not want to post this particualar post - but after today I feel I must. I really didn't want to out anyone in such a manner.

I read about how one of the mother of the soilder that was tortured in Iraq - just wanted her son's suitcase and belongings back. That she just wanted to know what he was doing in his last days. My heart when out to her.

This past weekend my life and my son's well being were threatened directly. My apartment had been broken into.

I thought perhaps maybey things would calm down when it came it the bad e
vents occuring to me. Today was a confirmation that they will not be changing. So I made the decision today to post something I had previously decided against.
Anyways yesterday I traced the Michigan cell phone to a man who works for Teneco. This man called me and told me to "quit it." He also called as if it were a wrong number and asked something very sexually insulting - claiming he was trying to reach his daughter in law.

I traced the CEO of Teneco and he is on the board of Johnson Controls.

Johnson Control's is Edgar Prince's company.

Wow what a small small world?

Let's take another look - the Teneco guy also used to be the president for the Prince Corporation . .

I also traced in another Mucketly map a direct connection between BlackStone Group - which bought out Telluride ( in Colorado) which Nicholas D Ward ( my grandmother's lawyer) is a big player in to The Prince Corporation - and the Rothschilds.

Keep in mind that Telluride resort used to be mining land back in the 30's.

Now let's listen to the convestation. Sorry it's low quality but - with earpone and if you listen closely to the Ummm and the verbal usage of this man is sounds a lot like

I recommend earphone's to listen to this man's voice... I listened to the C-Span vids and well the amount of "um" and the "Executivue descision" sure sound like it. My apologies if I am wrong.

I could be mistaken about this but the telephone number matches up
Oh and speaking of Ambulances waiting outside my door - and being told it's time to go with them - take a look at what Teneco company provides!

Some questions I have.
Why am I being visited by Homeland Security "FDNY"?
Why were my son and I almost gassed to death in our own home?
Why are there always ambulances outside my home and I am referred to as the "agitated patient"
Why is my home being broken into - and I am recieving death threats?
Where is my grandfather's body?
Who took control of the Allen and Garcia mining shares after my gradfather (who was the sole hier) was "tossed from his car".
What happened to my grandfather's interest in the Donetz Coal Basin trust in Russia?
If the right person contacts me - I will be able to give my phone records - and the full conversation.

PS this is the latest video where an ambulance and "Firemen" came to my apartment again! I caught how they did it on the frequency radio . . . a dipatcher at the housing authority picks up the scan !!


Heheh I am referred to as the "agitated patient" lol and all I was doing was sitting at my home blogging...and "Firemen" came banging at my widow telling me the brioler was about to explode and upon leaving my apartment the same friggin man in the ambulance that took me away last time was there . . . I ran into my local deli called my mom and they left. . .

Ohhh and another related blackwater company in Michgan is this company

They manufactur ambulances and fire rescue and EMS - is this why all my regular firemen get dispatches that they couldn't get into my apartment YET I am still being visited by "Firetrucks" and Ambualnces...?

http://www.spartanmotors.com/ LOOK at all the pretty Firetrucks and Ambulances...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Now it's back up ?

You tube account - good whew.

On December 21 2009

I received a phone call from a Michigan area code 517-231-****.

The person repeated something I had said on in my home.

Told me while he liked curious women that I needed to" quit it."

I recorded the conversation.

Interesting Article

Funny how ever since Mr. Nicholas Ward came into handle my father's bankrupt estate - the bad events started in my life.

Question how does Mr. Nicholas Ward a top Knight of Malta not know that James Marketos from Berliner Cororan and Rowe has the book and records to DCX my father's company? Also it's ever so interesting that former Pentagon Inspector General Joseph Edward Schmitz was Blackwater’s operations chief, is a member of both SMOM

Gee Nicholas Ward is also a high ranking member of SMOM.

Marketos and Thomas Wilson represent these independent military contractors in Iraq.

Wow what another coincidence!

Wilson and Ward went to Georgetown Law school together and graduated just a year apart from eachother.

It is impossible that Ward was not FULLY aware that Marketos's and Wilson's law firm held the stock books to my dad's company. Unless Nicholas D Ward is just plain stupid which I highly doubt.

My son and I have been TERRORIZED for the past year.

Of course I am not implying that Ward or any of the above mentioned parties might have wanted to harrass me to shut me up ..
What's been happening to me as of late ( and I have not even wrote about this yet) is INHUMANE

Monday, December 28, 2009

Feeling a little bit better

The bad things are still happening but oh well... what can I do?

It's draining but - well... in my last post I didn't write the full event.I've been in a state of shell shock.

I can't talk about it even.

Speaking of talking I finally got myself up and around and called out and reached out to friends. All the bad events going on made me isolate myself from everyone. I deleted my face book page even.

I think that is part of the plan is to isolate, do things, and the make me appear as "crazy" as possible to the general public.

I've received different advice - today a friend told me to let it go and just wait a few years and write a book - under a different pen name.
Well ... I've already exposed myself so much - a lot of the story is already out thanks to this blog and my website, and my own stupidity of not knowing who or what I was really exposing
... I can see the logic in that advice - but I'm already in a little to deep to back out like that now.

So I don't really know what to do.
Blog and just document ....?

I do know that there is a higher power out there ... something beyond this life ... and whoever is behind all of this is just evil. Actually there are no words to describe it.

This is a rough draft version of my latest "fire event" by the way. It might not make too much sense because I haven't finished it yet - but let me state this...

In the building where the incident occurred there is no fuel broiler - although I was the one who received the visit by "Firemen" and the same man from the Ambulance the last time.

Also inthe other building where these simultaneous events occurred there was no bathtub leak.

When I wandered into the dispatcher office at the Housing project where the purported bathtub leak happened. He freaked out! LOL ! I have never seen a grown man freak out in such a way. I'll write more about that later... but he behaved just like the man in the scene from the Wizard of Oz when she finds out who is behing the curtain.

Also isn't it odd that my father a Georgetown University Graduate was a "dispatcher" ?

As far as I am concerned these are not real "Firemen". I have a lot of respect for real Firemen - especially after living in NYC when 911 occurred.

There is one thing I know for sure. I do have an angel out there watching over me... or a few.



And my advice to anyone who might be going through ordeals such as these is to never give up - and keep love in your heart - and don't forget that there are a lot of kind individuals out there in this world.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ok... now I am a little bit scared

I take that back I am very scared...

I don't like posting things before I have evidence or some sort of proof. I went to speak to someone else who lives in my building and asked them if they have been seeing any bright flash of light that illuminate their our apartment.

One lady said , Yes! ...then she responded ...oh and the Helicopters.

I thought to myself oh my god, it's not just me.

We used to be very good friends , and I asked her if her teeth are bleeding when she brushes them. She freaked out a little and said YES ... and then before I could ask her she told me her nose was bleeding as well. My nose has started to bleed too. For the past three months I brush my teeth and I spit out blood up the sink.

She also told me her ear were ringing - and that her son everytime he comes over is in pain with his ears.

The best way I can describe the pain in the ear is like a pulse ... even my cat willl move her head when she feels this pulse.

I saw the flash tonight - and the homeless man outside the street said that the MTA was testing for radiation.

Dear god...

Perhaps this explains why my back and spine are so weak .... and oh my god :(

I don't know who to turn to or who to even go to to ask for help...

Nobody would believe this anyways... I don't want to die :(
The name of the man on my latest fire incident report is based in DC and works with radiation ...and such ...
Tmmrw we are going to interview more neighbors....

I'm going to try to study for class and clean my apartment and get my mind off of this ....

If anything happnes to me I do not want to be cremated. I want tests done on my HAIR!

Did you know that if anyone calls and reports you as a possible you know what . . .

Fireman can use deadly force against you? They can come into your home and are allowed BY LAW to kill you?

So that means that - let's say a neighbor who doesn't like me - can call and say "hey there is this girl downstairs" and I think she's this and she's that...
Anyways scary scary stuff!
The same way someone can call up anonomously child services! Criminals can use these tools to harras innoncent victims!

Oh well ... I've got quite a lot documented and I'm about to put up another video. I really wish I had my Mac - I'd have everything up by now.

I have a rough draft version of ( very rough draft) of a new page on my website. It's the personal aspect of the probate case where I go into some detail of who my sister and I were
- before the magical Knight of Malta and Royal Hieney of Charmaign TP came to "help take care of my father's bankrupt estate".
LOL Ayyy dios mio !
I am terrified because I got the incident reports from where the other incident happened when I was well. . . barley escaped being taken away by EMS again when I was at home blogging in peace. I know I said in my previous post that I would have to be careful of what I posted when it came to the bad things happening to me - but now I have them docuemented - so up they are going. Also in the scanners at the same time they mention they are checking the stability of my building. That scares me as well because I am living right where they are detonating to make tunneles for the 2nd avenue subway. Sigh . . .

And for the record I am not suicidal - homocidal - or upset...

I love life, I love my family, and I love my country, and the world and my cat and sushi and dancing and well .... , thai food, cooking, Riojan Wine and ermmm Bufffalo Wings :)

I was posting on my site - and found this picture I had downloaded a while back ....

This picture totally describes my experience with playing hero with my father's estate. See I still have a sense of humour as well . . . .Little did I know I when I wandered into D.C. Probate Court that I was up against Knights of Malta -- so called "Royalty" - and that the lawyers who have the book of my father's shares would have big time CIA and Blackwater ( oh XE Umbrella what not or whatever ) connections ....
Heck- two months ago had never even heard the terms Knights of Malta or Blackwater or MKultra Contilpro gangstalking ....Black Ops ect ( thank god for the internet)

I knew what military ops looked like because I lived in South America for a good part of my life ...and well. ... when all the bad events happened this summer I started to google the word Shadow government ...and came across a youtube video about shadow army. Hence I learned the word black water. LOL I favorited some of the videos and LOL - now youtube is recommending me The Doobie Bros song " Blackwater"....

They've bitten into me a little and my surfboard is gone- but I'm back on shore - and ready to keep posting and blogging. I have a story to tell and it's going to be told. :)

To grandma and others - I'm still alive. :)

So there :)


Michelle & Liz


Sunday, December 20, 2009

? Told to just "die already"

I called my grandmother - I suppose the Christmas spirit got into me. I called her and told her I forgave her. I found out she was in a rehabilitation program ( or at least that is what she told me) - and that she was waiting for a nurse to come and heal her "wounds". I started to cry - because for the first time I realized she might be a victim as well. Then she said something downright cruel. I told her we ( my sister and I forgave her) and then
She said to me , "You not dead yet?" - "Just die already"

When I first found about about my father's case she threatened me and told me " Her lawyer would have me fixed" That is when I had my second panic attack. My first attack was flyig back home after a court hearing in D.C. I'll write more about the panic attacks which would eventually leave my son and myself homeless.

I also called my uncle (my father's brother) and he was nice for a few minutes but then got very testy when I asked him where our grandfather's body was. He yelled that his brother choose a life of drugs and "suicided" himself. Funny because I never knew my father to be that way. He was a very hard worker. He had ( according to the death certificate ) a heart attack of natural causes.
Odd thing is - and this is just one of the many odd things about this whole case - is that when I went for the very first time to the house where my father died ( after a court hearing this summer) - I heard something very odd.
The lady ( I'll call her the lady for privacy reasons) who was at the home where my father died ( he was dead in his bed for three days before being discovered) - was in a state of shock when she saw me - and told me - this is hard to explain - we weren't even talking about how he died - but she told me that she knew my father never injected things - basically that she was shocked here and find out he died of an overdose.

And that is what I had always heard. From my grandmother, from my father's business associates, from my father's brother. That my dad died from a drug overdose. Yet on his death certificate - it says he died from natural causes? And his body was cremated - and all personal items were disposed of - including glasses and watches .. .
Cremated just like his father back in the 60's.
And it's so errie that his birthday was placed on his father's death certificate. Then he would die at the same age.
All of my father's family business and property movement started RIGHT after my father's death.

Anyways, after speaking to my uncle, he told me I should just find a nice quiet place in my mind - to find peace with my father. He told me of how his father and brother (my dad) appeared to him after my brother's death - and that he knew my father was at peace now because he was with his father. It was very beautiful how he described it the first time he told me about it (sometime back this summer when he told me how much he hated my dad and his father b/c his father was cruel to him and left everything to my father in his will). This time around though it sounded a little bit sinister ( or perhaps that is how I interpreted it after hearing the words “just die" from my grandmother" It was as if he was insinuating that I should just find peace and go join them ( my father ) wherever they were.

Add that on to what Mr. Nicholas Ward told me the last time I saw him outside the courthouse. I was crying and I asked him - when do we get closure. It's been 18 years and my dad's case is still open. When do we get closure. Tears were running down my face. This lawyer - who was hired at the last minute to help - laughed. He LAUGHED! Then he looked and smugly said with so much arrogance in his voice - and looked at me and said "You'll get your closure real soon".

I have to be very careful with writing about the events that happen to - and the events that continue to get worse the mor Ipost and blog. I am so scared for my life and for my safety. It appears as if they wanted ( whoever they are) to push me into taking my own life.

Now that that has not worked - I am afraid that other methods will be used to shut me up.

Part of the tactics used are events that are so out of scope of events in ordianry life - that if one is to even mention them to the average person - one would be deemed "crazy". So what I have been doing is documenting and taping as much as I can.

I've started a blog apart rfom this one just to document the events. I am very apprehensive to post them on this blog because I do not want to risk this blog and the information posted - not to be taken seriously.

My apologies if there are grammatical errors and spelling errors in this post. I have been feeling so sick and weak as of late that some days I can barely get out of my bed - much less post.

I thank the people who have linked to my website dcprobatemafia.com

Our case is very similar to cases of elder abuse in probate - and my god- I am in my 30's and the wrath of these cowards has rained down on me like putrid acid hate filled rain tearing at my soul and ripping my family apart. I could not imagine being in my elder years and going through this. At this point in time in America I would be terrified to be an elderly rich person without family to take care of me.

I've done a lot of research - and well this is just speculation but what appears to have happened is that after my grandfather died my grandmother married a Navy Pilot. He would later become and American Airline pilot. The man now living at my grandfather's home has the exact same background. Ex navy pilot - ex American pilot. I have traced parts of my granfather's trust ( this part I am not 100 percent sure of) but it appears to be in a bank right by O'hara airport.

Also - there is the Barrington Conservatieve Trust - my grandfather used to be the Village commisioner of North Barington. All these people ("i've have traced and connected them all) seem to be members of this Barrington Conservative trust. I have also traced an address in Wheeling Ill ...a house where a family memeber of my father lives.

I have also traced what appears to be mortages by various parties that are financed via the Barrington Trust Bank - even by a few people in my father's probate case in D.C.

The man living at my gradnfather's old home is a member of this bank's board.

I can even go further and state that it appears a few of the parties that have harrased me and son also appear to have mortages bassed in Maricopa Arizona - which directly links to North Barrington Bank and Trust.

I have al lthis information well documented -but I've been literally harrassed so much this year that well I have not had time to present it properly.
So - now I will just put bits of information up just in case something does happen to me before I can get this out.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I usually don't like it when people post these things on blogs and websites

Because it can be slightly distracting clicking on video and music -

but after what I've been through this week - this is all I can say to the few people who are the pupeteers - with much love and pity for you. What happened to you to get so much joy out of hurting others? Also the more that you try to cause pain and hurt - the more I realize how afraid you are of the truth coming to light.

Guess what? I'm not going to go crazy, I'm not going to get "depressesed". I'm going to be me - the loving kind caring indivudual that I am.

Even if I have parastic "elite" trying to drag me down.

I realize that what I have discovered is a well.... remember that movie - "I know what you did last Summer?"

Well I know what you all did three generations ago . . .

Even though now I am living in my own county like a refugee - I will do everything within the law to get the story out in a harmonic way. . .

I had another bad incident happen

They seem to be progressing the more I expose.

I have taken down my last post - I do not want to have others who were unwillingly involved to go through anything. It will stay in draft mode and in email with details if anything were to happen to me.

I'm still updating and working on the site.

I read this story and watched this video today ...

This is just unreal the scope of how deep probate abuse goes and how it tears our society apart - we need to wake up as a country . We can all become victims!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Non fiction writting - becomes semi fiction when one doesn't have the exact proof

This post apart from the title is in rough draft - that happens when I want to get something out there- but I also have normal stuff to do - like laundry and cleaning the apartment!
I never read any of the Harry Potter books - but I did see a few of the movies. I remember there was a certain phrase used. That phrase was the unmentionables. This post will unlike my other posts will be written in such a way that it can be perceived as conspiracy or fiction.

I am actually quite fine with that - reason being I don't have the proof about one particular detail - and I could be wrong. For this reason I am writing this is a way that appears to be fiction - even though I have proof of almost everything contained in this post. This is why for now this - 80 percent true story - 20 percent unproven.

So here's it goes. This is still in rough draft form.

An nationally known architect is throw 70 feet from his car. He was dead on arrival at the hospital. The hospital coroner asks for an inquest into his death. Before there is an inquest the body in cremated. At the inquest - held one month later- nobody who was actually at the scene of the accident appears. All witnesses at the jury inquest were people who arrived after the ambulance had already taken his body away. This all occurred at 5 am 6 am in the morning. The obituary was already in place - with exact details found in the jury inquest one month later - ready to run in the press the same day.

There were no cell phones back then - and there were no family members. How was the ambulance alerted? Did someone just go by and see his body on the side of the road? Not according to the jury inquest.

Despite there being no family members around when the architect would die - the coroner who appears on the deceased architects body is not the coroner at the hospital.

It is a police chief - who would a few years later be arrested for his mob connections.

The birth date placed on the architect's temporary death certificate was the date of his eldest son. This son of the architect was the main heir of the estate, trust , and life insurance policies. The people in the "ambulance" who whisked his body away - somehow knew the exact day the architect's son was born - despite there being nobody around - including no family.

Who called the ambulance? Did the technology exist back then for 911?

Press the fast forward button - the architect's son his about to reach his 40 birthday. He will die at the same age - his body will be cremated immediately as well. At the time of his death - a new coroner will arrive the city where the man dies. The coroner will have the same branch of goverment/job/pilot as the unmentionable who will be in charge of the ashes of both father and son.

17 years later the daughter's of the architect's son will call the church to see if both their father and grandfather are there at the church. The daughter's were excommunicated from their father's side of the family right after his death. Never to hear back from anyone on thier father's side again. They discover there is only on set of remains! Either- their father or grandfather is missing from that church.

Daughters are told by church that will have to wait for a certain unmentionable to call them back - This unmentionable is in charge of the church committee. The female pastor another unmentionable - has the same last name as the architects first wife - who promptly remarried a man who was in the same government/job/pilot as the unmentionable - and the coroner who would give the orders to cremate the body of her son. The female pastor is rude to the daughters - and upon asking if she is related to their grandmother - responds.
"I'm related to a lot of people - what's your point?"

Upon researching the female pastor - and the unmentionable- they both have background in the communication industry.

The unmentionable who is in charge of the ashes at the church - much to the daughter's surprise - lives at the same home that belonged to the deceased architect. Also right after the architect's son died a land trust was created - in the same town. He is also on the board of this towns trust.

The unmentionable was an engineer who worked in creating the system for 911 emergency calls back in the 1960's in the same town the architect's body was thrown and an ambulance came and took his body away before police even arrived to the scene.The unmentionable's company would later merge with other companies - and one day become the national frame for emergency 911 phone calls. All 911 calls use this technology /database.

The female pastor at the church, who worked in telecommunications, also has a relative with the same last name as the deceased's architect's first wife. She works for the same company that the now retired unmentionable that was the CEO of the 911 telecommunications company.

The daughters called the church again having no idea who the people they were talking to were people of such possible power. One of the daughter's after having waited a month demanded to know whose remains were there. The female pastor muttered something that sounded like a threat. The daughter called the authorities -telling them she would be there the next day. The next day - she awoke to the smell of gas. She would call 911 - and each time felt as if her calls were being transferred after giving her address. The firemen who arrived would tell her they had turned the gas off each time.

After three days of the gas leak - where the same group of men would appear - she went to a pay phone and watched the firetrucks arrive. She would leave her front door open . On the pay phone - she was informed by her gas company that they never had received any dispatch to turn off the gas. While on the pay phone she would see a firetruck and flag them down. The men in the firetruck looked confused. The had been told through the dispatch that nobody could get into the apartment. The daughter would ask them to go with her to her home. Upon arrival one of the same men that had appeared with the previous group who never turned the gas - would be walking out of her apartment along with the "head chief supervisor" of the gas company.

After finally confirming the gas was turned off - she called the gas company to inquire how to get tested for possible Co2 poising. She told the Con Ed agent she was not feeling sick and wanted to get tested just in case. She was told she could go get tested at any local hospital. She would calmly gather her bag and laptop - and walk outside. The time frame from hanging up the phone to going to leaving her apartment was no less than five minutes. She was shocked to be greeted by 6 police who told her they had just received a dispatch that a "woman had passed out on her floor". She had never called 911 - and was in shock to see all the police outside her door. Also waiting for her was an ambulance. She was placed in the ambulance - and despite only living 2 blocks away form the hospital - was kept inside the ambulance for 30 minutes and intimidated with "solitary confinement". Upon arrival the EMS personnel who had threatened her for 30 minutes told placed her in the psych ward, informing the psychiatrist that she had been playing with her gas pipes all weekend long and was trying to commit suicide.

The daughter would be subjected to constant arrivals from a child service agent whose manager's number never seemed to work. He would arrive the very next morning after the three day ordeal with the gas leak . . .

The daughter received a piece of mail - right before another court date concerning her father's estate she had just recently discovered was still open in the courts. It was written in such a way - that she knew it was meant to be emotionally toying and a warning.

The address was an Iowa address.

The daughter just discovered yesterday the address is from the same town in Iowa where the unmentionable's family's wife is from.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The more I read other people's experiences

The more I realize my case is just a drop of water in a huge cess pool of corruption.

There are stories that are so much important than mine.

It might take a year - or ten years - but I will continue to document, research, and expose.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dissapearing Acts - Oh Nicholas Ward Where art thou?

Nicholas Ward Knight of Malta - and President to the Royal Crown of Charlemagne vanishes from the last accounting. So does 30 thousand dollars!
It's almost magical.

Along with Ward's disappearance 30 thousand dollars that was in my father's Smith Barney Account market account for the past 11 years did as well!

Judge Burgess awarded all of that to Ward and Markham

19 years after our father's death my sister and I received zero.

Last accounting I had there was 32 thousand dollars in my dad's account. Now there is 30 and Ward received that.

Where is Nicholas Ward's name?

There must be some Crown of Charlemagne magic going on here.

My sister and I never received this accounting ( for the past 19 years) - which Judge Burgess kindly enters in his own hand witting " there are no objections". How can we object to money that has magically "disappeared"?

Also the 5 thousand dollars - that the shares were sold for ( James M*rket*s represents the Herbert Best who purchased them) the received was then sent to the IRS.

I want proof Ward and Burgess paid Gerald Role.

I also want to know why the actual share value of (15 thousand dollars or much more) was not sold and given to the IRS?

My sister and I were told just a few months back by Ward that the shares were worth 15 thousand dollars. Ward gave us a few days to agree to this price - despite not even having the shares. They were "lost" ( ahem in a voting trust).

Now - this is the cool part. My father's bankrupt estate is now is a LAWSUIT! I received this letter two days ago.

Keep in my I was told nobody wanted my father's shares - and if I were to have them "I would have to deal with the IRS'" I have tried for 3 years to remove my grandmother and her two lawyers as PR

I know what the value of the shares are. There is property that is going to be sold in 2010. See the whole block surrounding the little yellow cabs? Stretching all the way to the church. That whole area on the photo is owned by about 20 people - including my dad.
View Larger MapThe WHOLE BLOCK. Diamond share holders own that property.There are two parties in Diamond that have been feuding for quite some time. Diamond owns this whole block on Q street in D.C. The have been preparing to sell in 2010 ( my dad's shares were held in a voting trust ). My father's shares are pivotal.

My sister and I are told my father is the only shareholder who does not own the property because he sold his real estate interest. I have been told ( just recently) that my father "sold his interest in the property value". Well I've gone through all the records see nothing to support this and the date that I was told he sold was ohhhh about 7 months after his death! Dead men can't sell property.
Besides one group told me he did own the property - and the other told me he didn't.Now those two parties are going to have a lawsuit for my dad's worthless shares.


I can't do anything about this except publish, and expose this as much and as best as I can.I've tried lawyers, I've given everything of my time to discover as much as I again - only to be thawrted and stonewalled everywhere.

I finally got to uploading the evidence and proof of some of the crappy events that happened to me while this case has been going on this year. Including gas leaks, IRS agent visits, trips to the mental ward, and child service visits. All timed perfectly in unison will all court dates.

Before I could only type about them - now I've uploaded a lot of the proof. Click on the documents to read the events.
Carbon Monoxide leaks for days - all amended reports by "someone"

Click on image below for full account
of this harrowing ordeal -
occurred right before I was going to authorities
with my information.

Like a mysteriouts Co2 leak one day before I was going to go the FBI with my documentations
Align Center

Child Service Visits - after break ins right after the court
hearings - Click on image below for more info - thankfully after three months found unfoundeded

Breath Co2 for three days? Want to go to get checked just to make sure you're OK.
Not quite so fast.
Click on link below for full story

For the record I am not homicidal, suicidal. Nor will I ever be - nor have I ever been diagnosed as such.
I am also not upset at any of the parties involved. I feel pity for them. They are just aren't kind individuals.
I am just having a relaxing time uploading and exposing -and will continue to do so. PS I will be editing grammar on this page eventually-there is so much information - placing it in public view is my first priority at this point in time.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I've been working more on my web page. It's going pretty well. I am going to probably hiring an editor to help me with it. I used to be such a good writer - I don't know what happened to me. Perhaps it's because it's a subject that stirs up inner emotions and is so close to me.

Speaking of close. I'm feeling cheated. Not just out of my dad's estate - but I've come to the realization that almost ALL THE LAWYERS in my dad's estate have some connection with the C.I.A. - No JOKE!

Even the one I was told to call to speak with that represents the man that bought my father's shares this past month!

Talking about not a fair legal came - it's tough enough for the average probate victim to go up against regular lawyers - now imagine if they are all connected in some way or another with the CIA and powerful leaders.

Let's take a look at the CIA connections. Not saying they work for the CIA but they all have connections in one way or another.

First I'll start off with a newly discovered lawyer I have been speaking to who represents Diamond's president who purchased the shares from my grandmother's new lawyer. Very pleasant man might I add.

J**mes M**rket*s. Now Mr. M**rket*s's is working on a case with a lawyer in his firm . ...

T*****s W****n. Mr. W**** has handled a variety of procurement-related matters. He is presently litigating, with James M*****s, a massive legal malpractice action arising out of the termination of a N*vy contract for convenience. Mr. M*rket*s has litigated a number of government procurement disputes, including ADP bid protests before the General Services Board of Contract Appeals
The most interesting thing is that the lawyer in his firm he working on a case with at this moment defended Backwater in the Square Matter Baghdad, Iraq. Matters for a government contractor requiring deployments to Afghanistan and West Africa; AND RCRA investigation defense of a metals company in Yuma Arizona!

Not only that get this
he was the Chief of the 1950s/early 1960s CIA's drug testing program known as MKULTRA! And he still has top ultra clearance level.

Oh and he also went to Georgetown Law School at the same time my grandmother's new lawyer Nicholas D Ward did! 1966 - 1967.

Washington D.C. is such a small place. So Nicholas D Ward help assist close my father's estate and sold the shares to the President of Diamond - who is represented by J**mes Ma*rke*s - whose currently working on a case with T**ms W*lls*n who went to Georgetown Law School with Ward.

Anyways in my previous post - I connected the founder of my grandmother's lawyer's law firm with the C.I.A. Now not only that Ward well ...let just say this ...has an address connected with someone big in the C.I.A.

And what might I ask - what is the interest in my father's closing "bankrupt" estate. Lawyers of this kind of caliber don't deal with bankrupt estates? Do they?

Or is is just a D.C. thing ?

Aren't there like start up lawyers who usually deal with bankrupt estates?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Makes perfect sense now . .

I just found out yesterday that Judge Burgess only has three weeks left as probate judge. It never made sense to me why all of a sudden after 19 years there was such a rush to close out the estate. Now it does. I've started my web page - it's still in rough draft version. My page and blog are one of just thousands online. Every one who speaks out against probate theft and fraud is helping to make the public aware of how terrible and easy it is for lawyers and unscrupulous individual to steal.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Terrifying events these past 6 months since I have been vocal

all perfectly timed too.

My logical mind that they were all just coincidences - yet the timing was like clock work - and my instincts tell me other wise.

The events were so frightening - that I kind of have gone into a sense of denial. Locked it out of my mind. Now for me to express that these events were so "frightful" sounds as if I were trying to sensationalize the ordeal. I'm not. I'm a strong woman and I've been through a lot. I lived in one of the most dangerous parts of the third world for a good half of my adult life - and well I could write some terrifying stories.

Those incidents, whilst being very scary, did not impact me like the incidents here that I experienced almost in a snowball like fashion - write after I started to become very vocal about what I was discovering about the lawyer, my the money hidden, the suspicious surrounding around my grandfather's death, and perhaps going so far to doubt a Judge online.

I was innocent insomuch as I was honestly looking for answers around our dad's probate case, discovering who our grandfather was. I lost my father at such an important time period in my life - right when one is entering adulthood. And unfortunately our last conversation was an argument. That night after our argument he passed away. I never got to say "I'm sorry". I was very hopeful and believed that if I could prove via a discovery process what was stolen and how many years of an estate (being open 18 years) that it would be simple case closed justice for my sister and myself. I wanted my sister to have some connection to her father ( she was much younger than I when he passed). And I felt deep in my heart I was making that last argument up to him - and helping him to assist my sister and give her an education that I know he so deeply desired for her.

What I didn't realize is that I was opening a can of worms, of allegations that if proven true , would make a few powerful people not look too good. The desire to expose was not a witch hunt - but of pleading and hoping for logic and justice. Kind of a way to shout out to the world "Hey look - this is *possibly* white coller criminal activity - and can you believe out of all places in our nation's capitol?

Ahhh my niavity - D.C. lawyers and Judges are powerful and from what I have read about whistle blowers being suicided or accident-ed off within the beltway is downright scary. It's sort of the what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas mentality. Except inside the beltway are the people who rule and govern the world. Everyone so far in my father's" insolvent estate" - via investigation have close connections what people would consider the "ruling elite". They were appointed by former Presidents , and have parties in their D.C. homes with powerful people in the government.

It's time to realize that I have put my self in some kind of danger. Actually I realized that when the bad stuff first started happening to me - but I really just brushed it aside - hoping that it was all coincidences.

I never wanted to write this in a blog - post all this information up. I am very much into privacy and hold my father and memories dear to me and would never want to ...well put all this up on a public forum.

However - I had once incident happen to me - perhaps the scariest event in my life - that prompted me to turn to the web and post all my discoveries on the web in a two day flurry - with total disregard to spelling or any embarrassment I might face.

I was in survival mode. I actually the terrifying event - WHILE it was happening on an online forum.

That brings me to the subject of psychops. This is a term that I ran upon whilst reading a blog from other probate victims of fraud.


My mouth dropped when I read what the poor lady who writes this blog went through - because almost the exact same tactics were used in my case. Good thing I have proof of a lot of what went on in these past few months when I became so vocal in my protest.

Anyways their blog is very informative - here are some of the tactics. Not to sound repetitive - these incidents could have all been accidents - however the timing of the events my case was just uncanny.
I hope others who go thought the same thing will find these blogs and find out that they are NOT ALONE.


It's far more terrifying to realize that these tactics are being used on American soil - by Americans.
I grew up ( as most American do ) believing in the integrity of people in positions of power within our government. When I was living in South America I had some scary incidents - but hey that came with the territory of being down there in the first place. But to have what could be such organized and planned bullying by people here - is just bind boggling. Even more so that all I am doing is seeking justice.

I do believe in human spirit , and the kindness of people - that is what helps me to relax and sleep at night. If it weren't for a few people in position of law enforcement- who took my phone calls seriously - and who looked at my supporting docuemnts - I'm not quite sure I'd still be typing here today. I thank them - whoever they were - and the ones I know who they are. They might not have done anything about it - but just hearing a sincere voice over the phone and being able to get my story out made me feel safer in a very harrowing time of my life.
If you are a victim of this kind of abuse - it is very important not too loose your faith and trust in people.

It's also important not to get to wound up into it. Yes it's important to stand up for your rights and to speak out - but after being bullied, harassed, threatened, it makes it all the more difficult to get out of that web of thinking and as the U2 song goes "Stuck in a moment that you can't get out of" Even whilst living through something miserable - it is important to enjoy life - in order to make whatever kind of ordeal you might be going through that you put into Google that led you to this particular post.

If you've gone through stuff like this - or still are - don't forget to go out, breath air, treat yourself, watch a comedy, spend time with family and loved ones - this is part of the healing process.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Knight of Malta - Nicholas D Ward - get the rest of my father's estate!

Not just a Knight of Malta he's the President General Order of the Crown Of Charlemagne - was working to help close a "bankrupt cab driver's estate"!

A "bankrupt cab driver "who was the heir to Allen and Garcia land deeds - and whose grandfather was the Vice President of Allen and Garcia which was one of the largest mining companies based out of Chicago . . .


Judge Alfred Franklin Burgess has decided to give the remaining balance in my father's money market account to the new lawyer hired by my grandmother this year. This lawyer's tactics were downright cruel.

When I asked him if he had any children - and did he like stealing inheritances outside the DC court room he broke out into laughter. I also was crying ( stupid I know but I get emotional when I think about my dad ) I told him it's been 18 years - my sister would like some closure. To which he responded , "You'll get your closure soon".

A few days later in the mail my sister and I found out Judge Burgess gave everything to this man . . .

He did warn me months ago that he was close to the Probate Judge and that no matter what I found out or discovered it wouldn't matter since he was so close to the Judge. I wonder if any of the 20 fraternal organizations he's a member of Judge Burgess is as well? Would be interesting connection. . .


He's also in some really nice company . . .or powerful that is . .

Let's take a look at some the other Knight of Malta


Otto von Habsburg
General Richard Stilwell
Konrad Adenauer
Giulio Andreotti
Federico Silva Munoz
General Vernon Walters

William E. Colby
William Westmoreland
Frank C Carlucci
Stanley S Bass
Nelson Mandela
Tony Blair

Louis Bloomfield
Rick Santorum
Phyllis Schaffly

Fritz Thyssen
Herman Schmidt

Franz von Papen
Juan Carlos
George Tenet
John J. DeGioia

Oliver North
George H.W Bush
Craig J Neumann de Paulo
Joseph Hagan
Fra James V Stroebel

Ted Kennedy
Jeane Kirkpatrick
Alexander Haig Jr
Patrick Messina
Joseph E. Schmitz
Karen Garver

Thomas Monaghan
Bowie Kuhn
Jeremiah Denton
Alan Keyes
Paul Henkels
Richard Campbell
Geoffrey T Boisi

Bernard Jensen
Fred Monroe Zeder II
James Jesus Angleton

Nicholas Donnell Ward
Charles Clement Lucas, Jr.
Leonard T. Scully.

No wonder it's been so friggin hard for me to get the IRS and other agencies to look into this. Also I mentioned the Allen and Garcia land trusts that would have gone to my father...well the Donetz Coal Basin trust my great grandfather worked on was financed by two of the the old family names in this list.

Ughhh sorry this man's face, and manicure say it all. Drink in one hand and cigar in the other. This is the man that Judge Burgess awards all the money left in William Cooley's estate for one month of work.

Judge Burgess decided to give it to him and not the IRS. WTF?

He's already got millions - perhaps he can treat himself to a manicure - or Jenny Craig with the money from my father's money market account.

I've been reading some excellent blogs. This blog and my exposure of this case has very little to do with money. It has to do with ethics, family ties, human connection. What's right and what's wrong.

The blogger from this site aptly named "Estate Of Denial" writes this which sums up my thoughts

"As people’s entitlement mentality grows, probate has become an excellent venue for weaponization of the legal system by grave robbers, property poachers, asset looters and walker stalkers looking to divert assets in a manner contrary to the stated intentions of honest, hard-working Americans. Losing the ability to determine the final distribution of one’s assets is a tragedy for Americans individually, as families and for us as a country in that the intergenerational transfer of assets has historically helped to strengthen our social and economic fabric."

Nicholas D Ward is very proud of his heritage and past.

Imagine if he had everything taken away from him by greedy relative. I'm sure he wouldn't be laughing. Yet he can play with the "little people" because he's one of the big people. And when I mean big people - he probably one of the only members of the Knights of Malta who doesn't need a life jacket on a boat!

He touts himself as American Royalty, and is surrounded by powerful and intelligent individuals - yet all that comes to mind when I think of him is grave robber.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

More on Flora & Harry Cooley

Here is the obituary I found on my father's grandmother Flora Cooley.

My grandfather the architect was the sole survivor and heir to the estate and land.
It's sad because I realize he was really was alone.

Just like the obituary article says his body was thrown 70 - and "he was alone".
He truly was alone in this world. Apart from his wife, and his children he had no other surviving relatives. :(
Sad :(

It clearly states that my great grandfather Harry B Cooley was the vice president for Allen and Garcia mining engineer company

Here are just a few snippets I have found off the web about his company.

he new tipple at Reliance was built to handle the increasedtipple.11.jpg (17023 bytes) output from the new No. 7 mine as well as from No. 1 and No. 4 mines. By 1942, more than 1.2 million tons of coal were being produced at Reliance. This rose to 1.4 million tons in 1943. This increased production occurred during World War II, but it was made possible by improvements put in place during the depression. Tracing the economic and construction history of the Reliance Tipple is enlightening in showing the nature of corporate investments during the Depression.

The Reliance Tipple was completed in September of 1936. Prior to that time, the mines at Reliance were served by a smaller wooden tipple. The construction of the steel tipple was a sizeable project and generated employment for both Reliance and Rock Springs. Allen and Garcia Company of Chicago, Illinois, was awarded the engineering contract for $12,000. A & G, as they were called, estimated their actual costs at $13,400. Naturally, A & G wanted to be compensated for the cost overruns. This would not be the only cost overrun Union Pacific encountered. Union Pacific attempted to utilize local contractors. For example, Kellogg Lumber in Rock Springs helped with the concrete work in the construction of this "ultra-modern" facility. Ultimately, thousands of dollars would be pumped into the local economy. The total cost of the tipple came to $232,700.83. The structural steel alone cost $32,789.07 which included the purchase price and installation. Yet, the biggest single expenditure was $90,854.83 spent for 350 mine cars.

On September 30, 1935, Burkhardt and Sons of Denver were awarded the contract for the steel work. By the spring of 1936, Burkhardt was accused by Allen and Garcia of being too slow in shipping steel to Reliance. Burkhardt countered by claiming due to weather delays and the alleged slowness of A & G to provide engineer drawings, the steel shipments were delayed. Allen and Garcia lost patience with the Burkhardt's, calling them "a bunch of stubborn Germans." Steel would not be in place at Reliance until May 1, 1936.

From the beginning, Allen and Garcia t.tipple.x.bmp (242816 bytes)Company did not like the Union Pacific's choice of Burkhardt and Sons to do the steel work. In a somewhat condescending tone, a representative from the A & G Company wrote the home office reporting: "I feel that they are doing everything possible to get this job out for you. There is this drawback, however - you must remember that steel fabrication in Denver has followed rather simple lines, such as buildings and bridges, and steel organizations in Denver are not fully familiar with tipple fabrication." S. Tescher, who wrote the letter, goes on to write: "The drawings are rather complicated for men that have been accustomed to fabricating framing for steel buildings and bridges. The numerous bends, angles, and other intricate details have slowed up this work considerably." Of course, you cannot read blueprints that have not been drawn, and Burkhardt commonly countered with the response, he had no blueprints. Burkhardt always contended the steel would be ready by May 1, 1936, a promise he fulfilled. Amazingly, in spite of the delays, by September 1, 1936, the tipple was essentially completed.

The Rock Springs Daily Rocket for October 1, 1936, described the tipple in detail. The newspaper reported, "The new ultra-modern tipple which the Union Pacific Coal company has had erected for its two mines at Reliance has been completed and this week is being operated by the company . . . ." The reporter also pointed out, "From the efficiency angle the plant is a marvel. It has been designed so that men and machines will make no waste motions, so that both may accomplish the most in output with the least energy, and so that the maximum of productive and repair work may be done without danger to the men or to the machinery." The newspaper captured the essence of the effort by the Union Pacific. The facility had been built to increase efficiency and ultimately reduce the number of people needed to operate the equipment.

*he town of Dragerton was started in the fall of 1942 when the W. E. Ryberg-Strong and Grant Company received a contract from the Defense Plant Corporation to construct it. The purpose for this new town was to house the coal miners employed at the new Geneva Mine that was to furnish coal for the Geneva Steel plant located at Provo, Utah. The Geneva Mine was started by the Allen and Garcia Company in 1942.

The Geneva Mine is located about ten miles south east of its townsite. In fact, part of the mine itself is in Emery County.

*The Geneva Mine is the largest producing coal mine west of the Mississippi, and its coal is produced mostly to make coke for steel production at the Geneva Steel Plant. The best and safest methods are employed at this ultra-modern mine. All safety regulations and suggestions are followed carefully, and inspections are made regularly.

* In 1929, Morton Salt Company engaged Allen and Garcia Company of Chicago, consulting and construction engineers, to open a mine in the salt dome, to mine salt much in the same manner as coal is mined. This is done by blasting large chunks and crushing it into various grades for sundry uses. The salt discoveed there was 99.9% pure. purer than any salt found theretofore.
In fact, some chunks of salt brought from the mine appear much as large pieces of glass - crystal clear

. .

The Inquest on the Body of William M. Cooley - Foul Play or Car Accident ?

Here it is for anyone interested to read. . .

You be the judge...

Here is the inquest by the Lake County Coroner with a jury to decide on how my grandfather died.

It is just plain strange. The Coroner of the name of the police officer who singed on the temporary death certificate as if he were the coroner shows up no where on here.

Read it for yourself. . . Click play and them click on the triangle to bring the document slide show into full screen . . . was it accidental or is there something more there?

No autopsy, no witnesses, no track marks from the tire, he's cremated, and then 50 years later - no remains are found anywhere.

Any opinions highly appreciated

Man on my grandfather's "temporary" death certificate is an ex convict!

OK here's yet another "hmmmmm" in my discovery process.

My grandfather was issued two death certificates -

The temporary one right after he died - and one after the jury inquest.

The circumstances in the jury inquest don't add up either.

Don't forget my grandfather's ashes are missing too!

Anyhow the deputy and county coroner who did not do an autopsy nor did he take pictures or give my grandfather toxicology test - has been in jail before.

And Mr Pat Clavey was the one in charge of my grandfather's autopsy.

Yep - turns out in the late 60's and 70's Lake County was a hot bed for the Chicago Mob.

By the 1970s and '80s, mob influence peaked in Lake County, in particular, according to investigators like Bob Schrader, who became head of the Lake County Sheriff's first organized crime unit.

Mob watchers attribute the rise in crime to expansion and corruption.

The stage was set in 1975, when then-Sheriff Orville "Pat" Clavey and former Lake County Board Chairman Ronald Coles were charged with taking payments from nude dance clubs.

Clavey went to prison, and Coles got probation.

In ensuing years, the J****ph F*****a mob crew expanded to take over all vice in Lake County.

One of the crew's more colorful characters was S******re D*****is of Inverness - known as "Solly D" - a stylish businessman who ran a liquor store, bowling alley and pizza parlor in Island Lake.

According to court documents, Inf***ise said he bribed someone in the Lake County Sheriff's Department to notify him in advance of raids.

Under his oversight, card and dice games were played in bars, and juice loans charged 10 percent per month or week.

Investigators estimated that the F****a crew ran gambling in Lake County from 1974 through 1988, with profits of more than $10 million.

Much of the money was hidden in real estate, including condominiums in Addison, investigators say.

Now my grandfather also designed things other than churches...I read an article about a hotel - I'll put it up later on this afternoon...

For now here is the "first" death certificate.

Note that it has the day of birth ( once again) of my father ( the sole heir to my grandfather's estate) who would died at the exact same age in 1992.Also note the name of Orville Pat Clavey. Now if my grandfather died while driving a car - I'm assuming he'd have his drivers license on him - or at least the vehicle registration papers. My grandmother was not at the scene.

So whoever filled these death certificates out - really had my dad's date of birth on their minds...

I'm not accusing Pat Clavey of anything in this post. I'd hate for it to appear that way. From what I have read online it seems that he has redeemed himself ...

"Pat Clavey is a man who made a mistake, paid his debt to society and has retaken his position in society," Fagan said."It is well-known that he contributes to his community and his church."

Del Re said Fagan was running afoul of a sheriff's office policy that forbids employees to associate with people they know have criminal records.

"A felon is a felon is a felon," Del Re said."I consider it an insult to the people of Lake County for someone who wants to be sheriff to be involved with someone who brought shame upon this office."

Yet once again it's just another odd element to this case. . .

While searching for the remains of my grandfather - I called Elm Lawn cemetery in Elmhurst Illinois. They said they cremated him and then sent him to Bethany Church - I called Bethany Church and they don't even have a cemetery! Much less a columbarium wall to keep ashes in wall...

Then I called 149 West Main street which is now the Davenport Funeral Home. They told me they have a receipt which says "store in vault".

So two different funeral homes have different recites as to where they sent the remains of my grandfather....

Interesting. . .

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Found my grandfather's will

Waukegan County Clerk sent me my grandfather's will. I also have the coroner's report and a jury inquiry as to how he died. I'll write another post about that - but nothing adds up. It's all very sad and morose.
For now though I will put up a copy of my grandfather's will...

This will specifically gives everything to my father ( his first son) - the siblings are left out of the main part of the inhertiance - the life insurance/trust of William M Cooley Sr... ( my aunt and uncles)...

There is also a clause that states that after the grandchildren's 21st birthdays everything in the trust would go to the grandchildren *( my sister and I)

Yet nothing went to us...not even our father glasses or wedding ring...

Here is what my grandmother and her lawyer reported to the Washington D.C. probate court ( these are the actual papers)

My grandmother's reason as to why she could not find my father's bank records after his death Gee didn't she know her first husband left all of his trust and land deeds to her eldest son?How could she "forget" something like that?

Also I highly doubt that my grandmother's wealthy Washingtonian lawyers aren't aware of whose estate they have in their hands - and I also doubt that Judge B*rg*ss in unaware of who my father and grandfather were.

Also if one is to google the address of my father's last place of residence on his death certificate . .
T*S Television Production Service comes up...

I know this for a fact - my father was living at that address and I have spoken to the couple he was living with at the time he died.

They are not thieves, nor it is a boarding house. They are news producers! S*mantha Ch*ng was actually working for ABC news at the time...

These are some web snippets about her...

We’re happy to be working with RTNDA to make this happen.” E. S*m*ntha Ch*ng and Charles Crawford of Television Production Services, Inc. of Washington, D.C. edited and compiled this project.

TPS also procured the services of art director Jerry Cappa of CC Design Group, DVD author Ari Zagnit and composers Willie Chu and Grayson Dantzic of Willie Chu Studios. ABC News and NBC News provided additional support.

Shoot the Industrial today about Diabetes. It was to train health care providers on how they talk with and handle patients. I had about 5 or 6 pages of dialogue all with a prompter. Yeah! The director S*mantha Ch*ng, who is co-owner of the DC company Television Production Services, Inc. (TPS), was a trip. When I got there they were 45 minutes behind schedule, so there wasn't any time for pleasantries. When she came out and saw me she basically Freaked! You Shaved, she yelled. I told her I didn't have a chose, I had to because of the commercial I shot the day prior. She said yes I know, but you weren't to shave - AHHHHH - then looked at the make-up lady and said, make him look bad – which she did. When I was finally up, they had a set ready to go that looked like a basic doctors office and the lady who was playing the health care provider was there waiting for me. When I stepped on set S*m*ntha walked over to me and said, you're going to get this in one take right, and of-course I said yes. (In spite of the ...

I went to visit S*m*ntha and showed her the court papers claiming that my father was living at a boarding house ( her house) ...and that his body and personal items had been ransacked there...
She just could not believe it....she told me how my grandmother flew into D.C. immediately cremated my father, sold his items, and did not let her mourn him . . .

Two men die at the same age, with the same name, errors on both death certificates, both men cremated two days after their deaths, both were inheritors land deeds rich in oil and coal, grandmother hides all the assets from the grandchildren, man living at the home of my grandfather ex navy pilot/ American Airlines pilot and metallurgical engineer like my grandfather...who works for a large oil company- This man is the head of the Columbaruim Committee and is CHARGE of THEIR ASHES at the church where they should both be at...and there is only one William Cooley there... some one's remains are missing.....hmmmm
Something is just not right - that does not mean I am being a "conspiracy theorist"

I'm not saying there is foul play involved..just that things do not add up!

Also nobody will talk to me about it. My grandmother ( like she's done since my father died )hangs up the phone on me.

The man in charge of the ashes, does the same, AND turns of his answering machine...

The Barrington church won't tell me anything either - telling me that I need to "talk to their lawyer" - yet they won't give me the name of their lawyer???

At times I feel so sad for my dad and grandfather... and can't help but wonder - What happened to them :(?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finally found an actual picture of my grandfather . . .


Last night I was looking through Google Books typing in various queries and found
the first picture I have ever seen of my grandfather!

After my father died my sister and I never heard back from anyone on my dad's side of the family. So we never got to know where we came from. I remember hearing when I was a little girl that we had a family member who built churches...

This past January I decided to contact the Chicago History Museum - and was sent all of my grandfather A.I.A. paper work!

I never knew it was our grandfather...

It is all making so much more sense to me now - if we knew where we came from - we would have known that the whole "bankrupt cab driver" theory didn't fit.

The whole thing is very sad though. ...My father raised me in such a way that while I understood the importance of money - I also was taught how important it is to be proud of what one is.

Anyways forget the money, the possible insurance money we didn't receive, the stock dividends, and the trust fund money.

If we had access to the knowledge of who we were, the pride of family, that in itself could have made a huge difference in our lives.

For example - my sister wanted to be an interior designer. . .She actually applied to the Arts Institute of Chicago - yet could not attend for lack of the financial means to do so.

If she had knowledge that her grandfather was a life time member of the Arts Institute of Chicago perhaps she could have gotten a scholarship of some kind.

Or some kind of recommendation from one of her grandfather's old associates for an internship.

However, sadly, EVERYTHING was hidden from us. Even where we came from. . .:(

Oddly enough my sister painted her whole room a few years ago ( walls and floors included) to make it looked like it was covered in stained glass.

From what I've heard this was our Grandfather's signature touch to the churches he built.

Floor to ceiling stained glass windows...

Speaking of that I'm about to head to the Metropolitan Museum of art - some of my grandfather's publications are there....this is exciting!

I can't wait to take my sister on a tour to drive and see some of the churches our grandfather built.

My grandmother and her wealthy Washingtonian lawyers can try as best they can to handle my father's estate in such a way that we don't receive anything . .. not even pictures or personal item - but they can't erase literature and books ...and radio interviews of our grandfather

Here are some interviews I found of my grandfather a few years ago - I never understood as to why he was mentioning communism whilst talking about Church design . . .now I do :) ..he grew up in his formative years along with his father who was an engineer in the Siberia for Allen and Garcia





As a young child I dreamed of attending the School of Foreign Service. My father was very supportive of that decision...anyways I'll get on more to that in another post...

But for now - I'd like to close this post with a letter he wrote to me just a few months before his death . . .