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I am a targeted individual of organized gang stalking also called stalking by proxy. This occurred to me after trying to fight for justice in my father's case. I am taking the blog down. I am tired of fighting and exposing an evil that I could never truly expose, as I am not the only victim of this kind of crime. Plus I have realized that there will be no justice of any sort. The more I seem to expose and speak out; the more I am targeted. Gang stalking is real - and is scary - and I hope that one day all victims will be able to put an end to this kind of torture, however I feel that I must move on and focus on my life and the life of my son.

Coroner Inquest on the Body of William M Cooley Sr.

Friday, July 24, 2009

D.C. Probate N*ch***D. W*rd. J*n M***** -

There are so many things that just do not add up - so many things within my father’s case and how it has been handled by the D.C. Probate court, the lawyers, and my grandmother that almost seem criminal.

My father's probate case has been open ( and still is) in the Washington D.C. Probate Court.

Judge B*rg*ss has been the one in charge of my father's estate since it "reopened"..

My sister and I are the estate's sole heirs. . .however the amount of emotional pain we have suffered in dealing with this has no monetary value. I hope people that are reading this understand that it not about "money".

So there are now two lawyers worth millions handling my bankrupt father's estate!
It makes no sense.

I'd like to introduce to anyone who is the lawyer who has been handling my father's estate for over 17 years . . .

J*l**n E M***h**m -
He is an estate attorney with a murky past.
Markham served as the estate attorney for Terry Church who is in federal prison. Terry Church looted millions of dollars from the estate she was administrating - he was the lawyer hired to "assist" in handling the estate.



Taking note of M****rk***'s past - and his wealth - it makes no sense that he would be representing my father's "bankrupt insolvent estate" for seventeen years.

My sister and I, the only heirs to the estate, were lied to and told there father died bankrupt - and then never heard from that side of the family again.
Our grandmother would repeatedly hang up the phone on us, return Christmas cards, and just be downright mean.

In fact the estate received about 78 thousand dollars ( only one part of that was given to the court) - and all of a sudden taxes appeared for about the same amount of what was left in the estate. This held up my father's estate for years. Sounds like same kind of tactics Markham employed in his previous case ...

Doubling the estate taxes on purpose in order to hold up the estate - and avoid it being distributed to the heirs...

What seems to be even a more flagrant violation of the law is that Ma****kh***m, the Court, and my grandmother have been sending notices to a bogus IRS P.O. Box and a retired agent! For the past 5 years!

Isn't that FRAUD? Isn't that MAIL FRAUD? Isn't that ILLEGAL?

I myself tried to write to this mail box of the IRS and my certified mail was returned immediately saying nobody was at that address - and the previous party had left no forwarding address.

The D.C. Probate court is even sending notices to the bogus address and retired agent!
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And another one - here my grandmother "attempts" to remove herself as PR ... Here my grandmother the estate's PR is once again sending mail to a bogus IRS address and a retired agent.The court, the lawyer, and my grandmother have been sending these notices certified mail!!!Which would mean they would have had to have known the address was not a valid one.

I have about 20 times where the court, the lawyer, and my grandmother the estate's PR send notices to this fake IRS address. I have tape recordings of my grandmother saying she and her lawyer "kept the money safe from the IRS"

Now that makes me question the validity of the original tax lein. Given the lawyer's history, the money my grandmother has already hidden from the IRS, and the bogus IRS address - is the original lien even valid?

I am posting this up here for anyone to see - including government officials. Please take a look. . .are these real?

For example I can not find out who Greg Remington is?

Also why on earth did Markham and my grandmother wait 10 years and allow the taxes to run up?

My grandmother had more than enough money in my father's estate to pay the original tax lien of only 24 thousand dollars ( even though she didn't because she put my dad's shares in her name).

I called Mr M***rkh***m to inquire about the bogus IRS address and the retired agent.

Please watch this video of the phone call. . . it is very interesting. . .

According to Mr. M******m his contact at the Department of Justice is now "handling" the matter of the back taxes.

This contact is G***rald A R****le a trial attorney for the Department of Justice who had never been in a probate case before.

When I asked Mr. R****e why he didn't forward this to the IRS criminal division given that I have proof my grandmother had hidden money from the IRS, and that Markham and my grandmother were corresponding with a bogus retired agent - he said I needed *proof*

Well what more proof do I need? The IRS itself has confirmed it's a defunct address. The IRS insolvency unit has told me that it is a retired agent!

I have a copy of the shares that are in my grandmother name - when she transferred my shares into a "voting" trust.

How can a court, a lawyer, and the personal representative claim to the heirs the estate is held up for back taxes - if they aren't even writing to the IRS????

The court, the lawyer have now been contacting M***rkham contact at the Department of Justice INSTEAD of contacting the ACTUAL IRS CRIMINAL DIVISION WHERE THIS BELONGS.

Let's take a look at some of the correspondence between the court and the Department of Justicee...

What does that mean? - According to the accounts that are in possession of the IRS knowledge which must be imputed to the Department of Justice?

HUH? Can someone please explain what this means?The "contact" at the DOJ should just forward it to the IRS criminal division!

Oh and by the way they claim the shares are worth just 3 thousand?

We were told by the exact same lawyers that they are worth 15 thousand dollars - and they have told us and Judge Burgess that the shares are now "LOST"!!!
How are my father's shares LOST?

Well I know how - my grandmother had them transferred into her own name ( that's how she hid the stock dividends from the IRS).

If there is no problem then why don't the lost shares "appear" - and then Mar*****m and the court could forward and IMPUTE that information to the DOJ and the IRS?

On number 7 it states that The IRS has been offered the shares of stock but has consistently refused to receive the stock?

Question - how does the IRS constantly refuse to accept the stock - if the lawyer, and the PR CONSTANTLY SENDS NOTICES TO A BOGUS IRS ADDRESS FOR YEARS!!!!In other words the IRS has not been sent any info over 5 years? How can the IRS repeatedly 'refuse' the shares.

Perhaps my grandmother can no longer offer these shares to the IRS b/c they ARE IN HER NAME - and the IRS will investigate HER and THOSE SHARES and be able to find out ALL THE MONEY SHE HID?

Stating in one letter that the only interested parties are my grandmother and her lawyer?

How is this possible? If my sister and I are the only heirs?

Furthermore lawyer Ma******am has been writing ridiculous letters to the Judge about his vacations in the Virgin Islands ..his time shares ..his wife..his family friends... ect ect... as to why he needs to postpone these private hearings...all along charging the insolvent estate money?

Take a look .... as to why he could not attend Judge B*rg*ss' hearing...

Here yet is just another lie, and absurdity the court accepted. ...

When my father passed away my grandmother claimed he lived at a boarding house. That all his bank records and that she had no proof of what his worth was...

court 058 by you.
How on earth is this accepted by the court - much less the IRS?

First off - he was not living at a boarding home. If you google the place of death on his death certificate you will see he was living with a Samantha Chang at the time of his death.
She worked for ABC news. . .and still resides at that residence.
That was no boarding house...and she did not ransack his personal items and bank records.Image (31) by you.
Besides bank records appear the next month IN THE MAIL..
..and if you've read my previous blog my grandfather was worth quite a lot of money -my father had a trust fund which dissapeared . . .so I doubt she did not know about his bank records.

And if one reads below seven years later she charged my father's estate for searching for these bank records and collecting his personal items ( when she previously said they were stolen!)


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