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I am a targeted individual of organized gang stalking also called stalking by proxy. This occurred to me after trying to fight for justice in my father's case. I am taking the blog down. I am tired of fighting and exposing an evil that I could never truly expose, as I am not the only victim of this kind of crime. Plus I have realized that there will be no justice of any sort. The more I seem to expose and speak out; the more I am targeted. Gang stalking is real - and is scary - and I hope that one day all victims will be able to put an end to this kind of torture, however I feel that I must move on and focus on my life and the life of my son.

Coroner Inquest on the Body of William M Cooley Sr.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Did you know that if anyone calls and reports you as a possible you know what . . .

Fireman can use deadly force against you? They can come into your home and are allowed BY LAW to kill you?

So that means that - let's say a neighbor who doesn't like me - can call and say "hey there is this girl downstairs" and I think she's this and she's that...
Anyways scary scary stuff!
The same way someone can call up anonomously child services! Criminals can use these tools to harras innoncent victims!

Oh well ... I've got quite a lot documented and I'm about to put up another video. I really wish I had my Mac - I'd have everything up by now.

I have a rough draft version of ( very rough draft) of a new page on my website. It's the personal aspect of the probate case where I go into some detail of who my sister and I were
- before the magical Knight of Malta and Royal Hieney of Charmaign TP came to "help take care of my father's bankrupt estate".
LOL Ayyy dios mio !
I am terrified because I got the incident reports from where the other incident happened when I was well. . . barley escaped being taken away by EMS again when I was at home blogging in peace. I know I said in my previous post that I would have to be careful of what I posted when it came to the bad things happening to me - but now I have them docuemented - so up they are going. Also in the scanners at the same time they mention they are checking the stability of my building. That scares me as well because I am living right where they are detonating to make tunneles for the 2nd avenue subway. Sigh . . .

And for the record I am not suicidal - homocidal - or upset...

I love life, I love my family, and I love my country, and the world and my cat and sushi and dancing and well .... , thai food, cooking, Riojan Wine and ermmm Bufffalo Wings :)

I was posting on my site - and found this picture I had downloaded a while back ....

This picture totally describes my experience with playing hero with my father's estate. See I still have a sense of humour as well . . . .Little did I know I when I wandered into D.C. Probate Court that I was up against Knights of Malta -- so called "Royalty" - and that the lawyers who have the book of my father's shares would have big time CIA and Blackwater ( oh XE Umbrella what not or whatever ) connections ....
Heck- two months ago had never even heard the terms Knights of Malta or Blackwater or MKultra Contilpro gangstalking ....Black Ops ect ( thank god for the internet)

I knew what military ops looked like because I lived in South America for a good part of my life ...and well. ... when all the bad events happened this summer I started to google the word Shadow government ...and came across a youtube video about shadow army. Hence I learned the word black water. LOL I favorited some of the videos and LOL - now youtube is recommending me The Doobie Bros song " Blackwater"....

They've bitten into me a little and my surfboard is gone- but I'm back on shore - and ready to keep posting and blogging. I have a story to tell and it's going to be told. :)

To grandma and others - I'm still alive. :)

So there :)


Michelle & Liz


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