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I am a targeted individual of organized gang stalking also called stalking by proxy. This occurred to me after trying to fight for justice in my father's case. I am taking the blog down. I am tired of fighting and exposing an evil that I could never truly expose, as I am not the only victim of this kind of crime. Plus I have realized that there will be no justice of any sort. The more I seem to expose and speak out; the more I am targeted. Gang stalking is real - and is scary - and I hope that one day all victims will be able to put an end to this kind of torture, however I feel that I must move on and focus on my life and the life of my son.

Coroner Inquest on the Body of William M Cooley Sr.

Friday, January 29, 2010

For the first time I am confused

I called the detectives in NYC - and they ( the woman and man) were ..( dare I say it) nice! I am not sure why or how...but they were actually friendly and kind over the phone.
I still haven't connected all the dots in my father's case - but one thing I would recommend to anyone is never too loose faith in anyone - including what might seem rouge law enforcement. Not saying the LE officers were rouge ...in other words ...you don't know what they have been told....or what they have been ordered to do ...perhaps even against their own will... or perhaps even my own possible fear of what happened to me that might have made me think they were that way...
One aspect of CointelPro ( the old school one) was to paint someone out as bad as possible and then leave them to the dogs so to speak.
What I have seen in my past - is random people and "User N. Interfaces" editing and changing things in my medical histories and even complaints to LE.
So a victim of Cointelpro is painted out it the worst possible light.

Who might have a power like that?Hmmmm perhaps a certain someone who has top security clearance for the CIA?

Anyways nobody is perfect ( myself included) - my advice ( and I've said this over and over again) is to never loose faith in humanity and never loose faith that 97 percent ( lol yes that is my guessamite) of the population are good hearted and kind - even though most of us don't act so on a day to day basis....
Cliche but true....as Love is all you need..don't forget this fact if you are a TI.

I've been looking through old family albums at my grandma's house today....I ate black eyed peas and corn bread and salad with pineapple and ugghhh gross (must be a southern thing) lettuce ..as well...sometimes it's good to let go and relax...and forgive.... then find that 3 percent behind all the bad things and go after the real culprits - via legal means and tenacity

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  1. I saw your post on David Icke and followed the link. I am an activist and I know many TIs in New York who are working on a lawsuit...
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    I can connect you with other TIs in New York