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I am a targeted individual of organized gang stalking also called stalking by proxy. This occurred to me after trying to fight for justice in my father's case. I am taking the blog down. I am tired of fighting and exposing an evil that I could never truly expose, as I am not the only victim of this kind of crime. Plus I have realized that there will be no justice of any sort. The more I seem to expose and speak out; the more I am targeted. Gang stalking is real - and is scary - and I hope that one day all victims will be able to put an end to this kind of torture, however I feel that I must move on and focus on my life and the life of my son.

Coroner Inquest on the Body of William M Cooley Sr.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Connecting the dots. . .

Someone posted on a blog information that I had no idea of. This information assisted me today because I was able to put together some more pieces of the puzzle so to speak. I'd post a link to the blog that details this - but with what I have been going through I'd hate to link my blog to anybody right now.

Basically I was made aware of the fact that there is a link between local neighborhood watches and Homeland Security. The blogger actually posted a website where one can enter their zip code and find these watch groups in one's own area. There are only two of these neighborhood watches - that post within a two mile radius of my zip code. Bingo!

Before I continue onto the importance of this matter - I'd like state what prompted me to make my post last night. What I posted last night was something that I was never planning on putting out on the web. However, this past weekend I had a terrible incident occur to me. I can't get into too much detail on this post - but I was going into the walk up of my NYC apartment and was stopped by a man whom I do know - and threatened. The keys to my front door no longer worked and I was stuck. Thank heavens a neighbor of mine came and opened the door for me. The man who
threatened my life and warned me that no matter what my son would remain in Foster Homes ( lol !) as long as he was alive - unless I gave my son to him. I was like WTF?

I went inside my home and
IMMEDIATELY wrote to several people including the head of Childrens Services who was very helpful - (and stopped the purported child service agent visiting my house this summer)

Right along when Nicholas Ward popped into "close" my father's estate Child Services was called on me relentlessly. I am going to do a different post about this matter - but it is terrifying. This man - who stopped me in my doorway and told me he wanted my son and wanted to kill me - is his 70's - took a special interest in my son - especially around the time of the gas leak of at my apartment. He is ex military.

Anyhow - yesterday I finally mustered up the courage to go the the Police Precinct and report what happened. I could not go to my regular precinct ( it is almost 40 blocks away) too much snow on the ground and plus I was tired. So I wandered into the precinct that does not correspond with my own precinct - yet is only three blocks away.

Guess where the "
neighborhood watch" that corresponds with my zip code is?
Yes - the one I went into yesterday.

Yesterday when I went upstairs in the precinct there were two detectives. One very tall blue eyed older man - and a dark brown haired detective. The older blond detective's behavior was just weird to say the least. Without even telling him where I was from he asked me which part of a certain state where my family lives is. I did not mention anything, or at least try to mention, except my run in with the man at the door who threatened me and my child. He would not listen. The conversation went something like this.
Me : " Something terrible happened to me this past weekend"

Detective : " So what part of (unmentioned state) is your family from?"

Me: (Ignored the question) Sir I don't know what to do about what happened I've been in shock"

Detective: (Ignores what I am a saying puts a grin on and looks over to the other detective)

Detective": "What day is today Ms. Cooley?"

"What day was yesterday Ms. Cooley?"

What day is today Ms. Cooley?

"What did you do last week Ms. Cooley?"

"What day was three days ago Ms. Cooley"

Then he looked over at the other detective and said , "So what do you think? " He also mumbled something about "I think it's time you come with us" ( as in mental ward stuff).

Detective: "What did you do yesterday Ms. Cooley?:

Me: I was over at ( unmentioned name ex LE's) office asking for advice.

Detective ( look of disappointment )
That is NOT normal behavior for a Police Detective when a woman comes in to try to report a crime. I told him who it was he
grudgelingy told me he knew who it was ( the man who is always hanging outside my building) and told me downstairs to go make a report. Needless to say I was not able to make a report. I was told I did not have any evidence.
I was not allowed to make a report about a threat against my life and my son! What the?

So back to this neighborhood watch link with homeland security. This is fascinating to me.

Each time I had the fire incidents - I would run outside. I would note down the number of the trucks. I went with my son to the Fire Station which is right beside the police precinct where this
neighborhood watch is. They share building space. My son, my neighbors whom went with me, we actually saw the Firetruck there. When I asked who these men were - I was told it was a 'special group from Queens". This Police Precinct and Firehouse do not correspond with my address - yet I live a block only three blocks away from them.

FACT - nobody at my local Fire Precinct knows the names on my Fire Reports.

Anyways everyone on both "fire incident" reports - I have been able to trace to Homeland Security or anti terrorism
sqauds. John Donnelly Jr. is on my latest report. I have googled and goolged and the only John Donnely Jr. I can come up with is.

Also I went by my local
FDNY house and NOBODY knew who James W Manning was - he was the man on my last fire report where the CO2 was not turned off the three days.

Anyways I called Mr. John
Donnelly - and he was very brief and curt over the phone. He told me he did not know about anything.

The next day I received my phone call from Michigan - telling me to call it quits.

Thomas Wilson's ( the lawyer who has my father's stock book works at his firm) private detective company provides the computer data bases for these fusion centers across the United States. John
Donnelly is the head of anti terrorism fusion center in D.C. Wow ! What a cool coincidence. This Cold Planet company not only provides TerrorChecktm - but also provides information ( as stated on their website) about Political Dissidents.

Now - have I become a Political
Dissident for speaking out about my father's court case in. D.C.?

Am I now a threat to security? How ? How so?

I not a perfect person - but there is
alot of love in my heart. I mean I get upset - and cry - but to be getting visits from Homeland Security "Firemen" who can by law use deadly force... Why ?

My cat is more of a threat than I am !

Give me a break!

Anyhow this is not one of the best blog entries because I am tired. I am trying to write this blog so that if people of the general population who don't think this kind of thing can happen to American Citizens will stop and take a look - and think to themselves wow - if this person has been labeled a threat - what about me?
Also people in other countries who read this blog - might be able to see how even an American can be labeled a "t*rrorist" - and have deadly force used against them. Not only just an American woman - but an American CHILD on AMERICAN SOIL also lived through the Co2 gas leaks... and had to deal with Homeland security "Firemen" who could use deadly force.

Anyways back to the "aha" moment with the Police
Precinct that does not correspond to mine. The Detective knew exactly who I was - and as soon as I wandered in started up - without me even saying anything - with the "What day is it Ms. Cooley?" questions. Pft please.

The second Detective was kind of nervous acting - and
buried his head in the newspaper on his desk fidgeting around.

Also it is interesting to note that the only non
Hispanic on my corresponding "Citizens Watch of the 23 precinct " is a Council Sargent At Arms James Felder.

I've searched and well this man comes up ...

Well I'll wait to see. . .just a fluke ...but a strange one indeed. . .

For the record today is January 2, 2010, I love my country , I love the world, and I love my family.

One thing is though I am going to try to find legal means to get myself off of this "list" I've been put on. Geesh.

Also I can forgive some of the people who have done these things to me. They are puppets and are working for a few evil people. They were probably told terrible things about me to justify their actions.

Another thing I'd like to state it I know my grandmother knew the Prince family. I'll post more about that later.


Sergeant At Arms:
James Felder

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