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I am a targeted individual of organized gang stalking also called stalking by proxy. This occurred to me after trying to fight for justice in my father's case. I am taking the blog down. I am tired of fighting and exposing an evil that I could never truly expose, as I am not the only victim of this kind of crime. Plus I have realized that there will be no justice of any sort. The more I seem to expose and speak out; the more I am targeted. Gang stalking is real - and is scary - and I hope that one day all victims will be able to put an end to this kind of torture, however I feel that I must move on and focus on my life and the life of my son.

Coroner Inquest on the Body of William M Cooley Sr.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My email to J*ye M C*rter - and my subsequent run ins with Homeland Security Firemen

This post is a work in progress which I will have finished by tonight *edit Monday. I will be editing some of the langauge and tone in my previous posts so that it is better understood by the general public if they happen to find this blog. It has been difficult to say the least to edit, spell check , and the like - under the recent circumstances these past few months.

The following post will be one of the longest posts on this blog - and a staple part of it. . .

It still need serious editing. . . as does my webpage and the rest of this blog.

I will be uploading the supporting documentation. Everything I have posted is true to best to my knowledge. If you read it now without the supporting uploaded documentaion it might not make sense ..not that anyone reads this blog anyways..I'm in on this alone for now... and all I can do at best ...is docuement. Good thing now is that I am in a safe place and I am healing . . .

And I have supporting evidence of every point except for the last . . . and Oliver's connection to the same man name/age/town that works for and invented the company that provides the technology for making 911 calls.

For legal purposes
I am not implying that any of the men or woman above acted outside the law . . . .
I will be editing this post so that it is as concise and short and to the point as possible - yet still allowing readers (myself) to understand what happened

J*ye M C*rt*r is the a coroner with a murkey past and was also the coroner for the Enron man who commited suicide with a rat shot right before tesifying.
Saturday, June 27, 2009 4:26 PM
"Cooley" <********@yahoo.com>

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Dear Joy Carter,

Hello! My name is ******** Cooley and I left a message on your phone... My father's ashes appear to be missing. . .:( He died in 1992 under what I believe to be possible "suspicious" circumstances.. . . Everything I have found so far has been forged...I was wondering if this is a legit Death Certificate and if this is really your signature?Also Earl WIlson? Would you be able to recognize his signature? I know it's been a while...but that looks like my grandmother's hand writing - plus it's signed as Carl not Earl . . .?I truly believe my father and grandfather are not at rest.My grandfather was a church architect who designed over 400 churches before his death -He was paid in land deeds..not money (At the time of this email I was not aware the land was actually from and or related to the Allen and Garcia mining shares) all of this he left to my father...Both died at 41 ( well my dad died at 40 but the death certificate makes it appear to be 41)There is only on William Cooley at the church :(Someone is missing :(Thanks so much for reviewing this - and please watch this video about my father and grandfather if you get a chance

Sincerely,******** Cooley--- On Sat, 6/27/09,

M Cooley <********@yahoo.com> wrote:

During this time my whole family waited for the head of the Columbaium committee - where only one set of remains appear ( both my father and grandfather are supposed to be there) Bob Oliver who signed for the set of remains that appear at the church in Barrington. Bob Oliver is an military pilot - who just happens to live in the home of my grandfather whose remains are missing. Joye Carter is also air force. There are companies that I have connected Bob Oliver with - one includes a compnay that made the technology for 911 calls.

I never heard back from either Oliver or Carter. I had gathered information and PowerPoint slides, and had called an intake agent at the FBI whom agreed to take a look at it. As stated before I would not go because on Thursday July 2 - I would arrive home to a pungent smell of gas.

Incident 1

Upon calling 911 - James W. Manning and crew would arrived at my apartment. For three harrowing days the leak was not fixed. For these three days the same crew of men would arrive - the second day was the scariest. I was outside of my apartment building and and it seemed as if these men wanted to push me back inside my apartment. In fact, they formed a circle around me, outside of my apartment. All were carrying their metal equipment and held them upright so that I could not get out. I had to duck underneath one man's elbows to get out.

I went to the FDNY headquarters and went under recording with investigators. After looking at my amended reports - one of the investigators took be aside and point blank asked me who would want to see my son and I dead - and how much money was my father's estate worth. I was told' You need a lawyer". I responded to " I don't want to sue the FDNY - I just want to know what happened." The investigator responsded very firmly looking and said "No you don't understand you need a lawyer"

Well from my own research I have discovered that James W Manning the man who was the "Chief" who visited my home is in the unit Special Administration Operatives. Which division of special operations - I do not know. I do know that another man involved received in this three day debacle training from the West Point Military Homeland Security Squad. Manning was transferred to the Firehouse that corresponds with my area around the same time Nicholas D Ward would appear to take care of my father's estate.

On April 9 2009, according to this FDNY document, he was transferred from Special Administration Operative to Battalion 10 ( my local firehouse-Till this day nobody at Battalion 10 knows who this man is. Anyhow , I related this story on my web page - but after three days of not fixing the Co2 leak ( telling me they had dispatched to conedison on both occasions). After this three days - I called from my home to inquire about getting tested for possible Co2 poisoning.

I was stopped on my way out of my door by about 6 police cops who looked clueless - except for one elder - who along with a lady EMS. The woman and older police man - told me I should get in the ambulance "just in case" I could not walk. Inside the ambulance I was threatened and harassed for 30 minutes. I remained as silent and cooperative as possible. I was told I would be placed in solitary confinment and me made to take "meds". She then placed me in the psych ward and LIED to the psychiatrist and told him I had been "playing with the gas pipes" " was homicidal and suicidal" and that I drank a lot of "booze". The psychiatrist interviewed me and let me go within an hour. Finding that I was not homicidal or suicidal.

I called the FBI intake officer and related to him why I had not shown up - and he told me he would escalate my complaint because it sounded as if this had been an attempt against my life. That man in the FBI was so helpful and responsive...

Incident 2

My second run in with FDNY would be even odder.

For a few days while sleeping home at my apartment flashlights and bright lights would be shown through my window at night. On the third night - I was at home blogging - and firemen flashed a light through my window banged on it and said , "Mam you have to get out your broiler is about to explode." Having been scared by the first incident - I ran out of my apartment and out into the street. Leaving my apartment front door three fireman were entering - they were laughing. They also had a Eastern European accent. I asked them who told them the broiler was about to explode. They said the men on the roof. There were Ariel helicopters around my building as well. I ran outside and called my mom. I also saw the same man who had placed me in the ambulance in July. Upon returning to my apartment - I noticed that the door lock to the basement where the broiler was left half picked open - and a screwdriver was left behind.

I went as soon as possible and got the fire reports. It was a wrong box number - ( not my building) and the box number on the report with the "malfunctioning" broiler ( supposed to my building) does not even HAVE A BROILER IN IT. I went again to the FDNY investigations and this time I was not allowed upstairs where I had gone before. I was greeted downstairs by a man who ushered me into a big room and sat down and spoke with me. He listened and handed me his card. He said he would be calling me back - he never did. He is a Fire Marshall of "confidential investigations" . I was told to always call 911 and to rest assured that those calls went right there to Brooklyn. Very amicable fellow - even though he never did call back.

*Note to self and other possibly innocent targeted individuals. If you ever find yourself in a situation such as this one DO NOT call 911 from your cell phone if you can avoid doing so. Call from a pay phone and try to reach you local precint. 911 calls are directed now through voip technology and can be redirected by someone powerful enough to do so.

If the fire chied ammending your Co2 leaks is an ADMOP ( Special Administration unit) as the Fire Chief - they might have the technology to reroute you 911 calls.

Also keep in mind - if you are about to whistle blow on a Military Knight of Malta member whose has your late father's "bankrupt" estate case - and CIA lawyers - and getting phone calls from someone you can trace back to possibly to Blackwater telling you to quit it - and you just found out that your both you dad and grandad might have been offed - you might not want to call 911 from your cell phone . . .

My advice is to go directly to your local firehouse - or precint if you can. Not everyone is in on it. What I am saying here that the technology exists to reroute your calls and make regular (GOOD) firemen believe what they are hearing over the dispatch is true. I still have the utmost respect for real firemen - not thugs pretending to be them.

Of course if I had any inkling of an idea of whom or what I was trying to blow the whistle on - I might have not done it - but at this time I was still unaware of just what I was up against.
Not satisfied - I went onto the scanner feeds - and listened to the dispatches that were made on the exact date and time on my fire report. What I heard shocked the hell out of me.
Before I get into this -

There is an African woman who lives above me . I stupidly had told her about my case and showed her the webpage. I told her when I would be going to D.C. in her last email she asked what day I would be going- I had a break into my apartment - my son and I came home to a trashed apartment upon returning to D.C. S
he started to constantly start to fall asleep with her bathtub water running. On numerous occasions my apartment would fill with water - so badly that it would short circuit my electricity. I would go and knock on her door - to see what happened - and she would never open the door just letting the water run. I would eventually have to call the F*NY.

The reason she was doing this was ( I thought at the time) to create reasons to sue the owner of the building in court ( which she did many times) and not pay rent. I wrote a letter in favor for the owner of the building.
Read the letter here. . .

Ok - now back to the dispatches - at the same time the "Fireman" were dispatched to my apartment there was a "bathtub" leak somewhere in a housing project. Well I went to the housing project and spoke the the purported apartments were there was this bathtub leak - guess what nobody had a bathtub leak.

To make this shorter - what appears to have happened - is someone called in for a bathtub leak - and showed up at my house for a "broiler fire" that didn't even happen. It appears they did so by switching the dispatchers and giving the frequency to the emergency dispatcher New York Housing Authority where the purported bathtub leak occured. They sent an ambulance for the "agitated patient with a bathtub leak" to my home! The ambulance was sent from a fire department in Queens were Homeland Security are combined.

Also on this particular fire department report the man was John J Donnely who appears to be homeland security in Washington D.C. I called him and asked him if he was the name that appeared on my fire report. He replied - I don't know anything about it.

I would then receive a phone call telling me to basically quit it. I traced the phone call back to Teneco and coincidentialy the CEO of tenneco has worked with the Prince Corporation which is connected with Blackwater. I have the phone call recorded.

Fire Incident number 3

There is a particular key figure that I have left out in this post - I will be writing a separate post about him.
However he was around during each break in and fire deparment incident. He is an ex Vietnam Vet- and if it is indeed the same man his first tour in Vietnam - was with the Central Intelligence Agency.
Anyways I told him what I had discovered by listening to the scanners. His face went slack, his mouth dropped, and he turned white. I did not realize that he would have anything to do with organizing any of this - until a few days later.

Anyways this is when things would really escalate. I wrote about it here. I really began to become afraid for my life.

I returned to my apartment after having left for a week and this happened This man offered me a sip of a drink. I woke up in a bloody apartment with very painful sensations everywhere in my private parts. I will elaborate on this in a further post. I believe I might possibly have been drugged.

I went to the safe place I was staying at in Queens ( a friends home ) and then to Elmhurst hospital where I had my rape kit done. The process took until about 6 am.

Right when I was about to leave a Philippine nurse told me that he needed to catch my urine again. He handed me a glass of water with cold ice in it. I told him I would need another cup of water. A F*NY ambulance man came with a plastic cup - and pulled up the metal part of the hospital bed in a locked position. I did not drink the second cup. He was with a woman was well who I would later meet.

The Philippine nurse told me that someone wanted to talk to me - and the he no longer needed my urine. He smiled as he let me inside a door. After it closed I realized where I was. The psych ward. The lady who I had seen with the "F*NY " ambulance man came in and interviewed me. I would later find out this b*tch ( for a lack of better words ) had diagnosed me with drug induced psychosis. So there I was sitting for another 9 hours in soiled clothing - still without having washed myself. Almost 2 days after the rape/attack.

Thank god I was let out on priority discharge when the real psychiarists ( not the goon one that appeared with the F*DNY ambulance ) realized there was nothing wrong wih me. The next day I went to get my medical records and let me put it this way - the little cover up - from possible rape victim - to psychosis is BLATANT and they made BIG mistakes. I'll be putting it up online later on. I have proof of what they did. For example - I have two intakes - one occurs by me arriving by foot by myself ( the real one) and then I have a new intake with the Philipino nurse who arrived with the FDNY ambulance man. He reports that I was brought in by ambulance on the same dern report OPPPS!!!!!

Plus someone went in with an Auxiliary "User N Interface" and erased my meal plans that had been prepared for three days in advance. Plus I was apparenty still in the hospital in the psych ward a day after I had already LEFT ( they forgot to edit it out) . User N. Interface must have been going through "delusions" because I had already been dismissed from the hospital. Also the dum dum "goon"
psychatrist wrote that it was January 5 2009 - um yeah ... last time I checked we are in 2010.

Now, unfortunately, what I do not have proof of :( is upon walking back to my friends house in Queens after leaving the hospital - right before crossing the block two men in an F*NY ambulance put on their lights - turned thier sirens on - slowed down and glared at me. I ignored them. That didn't frighten me at all. I was so happy to be out and to finally go home and take a shower that the silly games they were playing didn't bother me.

I doubt the men were even real F*NY EMS - just thugs in an Ambulance....

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